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  1. That mean you ll play like that against defending teams ? And what about chasing a goal ?
  2. Thanks, don't you think against teams parking the bus having a higher line of engagement, higher defensive line and use off side trap and prevent GK distribution ? also against narow team using 3-4-3 i attack wider. Against positive team I gegenpress and hit counter if they go offensive I use OI like you and tackkle hard the lowest 3 bavery players, and look at winger to see what foot do they use to show them on their weaker foot. to close the game, i put both FB on defense and the R winger on support , go defnesive , play direct and hit counter, and sometines i bnag a goal truly yours
  3. Many thanks for your answer. do you tweak your tactic during game against attacking or defending opponents ?
  4. Thanks a lot ! the idea of the 4231 was to fit my best player
  5. Please would you help me set up a possession 4231 tactic with my player ?
  6. Apart from the tree above this my team so you can have an idea. We are in VNL S
  7. Also I ve this 18yold guy who his my best player. How could i fit him ? in a 4231 ? with my other guy as DLF S ?
  8. Thank, i'll try to go back to basics and see in game. Last game was good (4-0) i'll adjust against fast ( early cross) or slow defender (dribble more, ask my fb to overlap left and underlap right), agressive team (Counter, Lower LOE, more direct) or against defensive team (shorter pass, play out of defense, work ball into box)
  9. Thanks, here is my left IF, good scorer ( 20 goals last year) and what do you mean by "There's also needless extremes with the TIs"
  10. Hi, i'm struggling to get this work. a lot of draws, few win, only one def. I'd like to have a possession fast attack. I've a good left IF and a pretty good HB. What do you think ?
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