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  1. I know you can make a Cup Final at a specific Stadium, but is there a way to specify that the Final be played at the Ground of the Holders?
  2. Is there a quicker way to give league sorting rules and squad selection rules etc for all leagues then having to add them individually to each one?
  3. I know i'm a bit late to the party, but was majorly busy with work, So have just updated mine to the "new" patch 16.2, but as soon a I press continue I get a crash dump, now I read that it could have been caused by a skin, however i'm still using the original SI skin
  4. Cant wait Nine Iron, always give your L&H one a game or 2 each version Would love a Cambs/Lincs one, mainly cus i live on the border between the two. I may be able to help a little bit if you want.
  5. Sorry im new to steam, only got it for this, this year. When you go to start a new game it says version 12.0.0
  6. Not sure if this is the right place, but does anyone know how we can download the patch/updates as mine still says its 12.0.0!
  7. i know its the same with me and its missing the 3rd Div of P&D at level 14
  8. Yh, i knew be sacked. But yh i may even holiday for a season and then take charge of the team that gets promoted into being playable into P&D div 3, for a slightly harder challenge and for it to be a bit more random at team chosing
  9. Not sure if its been said, but is there religation at the bottom of level 14 for the leagues that do have divisions below?
  10. Haha, I thought i was being stupid then, when i read that and thought, i never heard of P'boro North South then relised you must have meant P'boro Northern star. I'd usually start on lower db's with Deeping but as this goes alot lower i mite give either Langtoft or P'boro Rovers a go!
  11. Who's the first team people are going to play with, or will it be random?
  12. Its going to be cracking, well done. Just a quick question, Can we start as reserve/A sides and are they connected with the main club or a different club in the db?
  13. Will it have the likes of Man utd in the lower league cups after the first season?, I'm looking forward to it but may have to swap my team into lv 8 from lv 9.
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