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  1. Would you be able to add the Stratford alliance league? A league below the midland combination 3..
  2. Just got through my first season, getting Evesham promoted.. however, when seeing the Fa cup final pop up it was played on a Wednesday night?
  3. Make a folder called editor data pal!
  4. On page three mate, you click the link and it says something like cannot be found, otherwise would test it..
  5. Will keep a eye out for it mate, can't wait!
  6. When do you reckon the cups will be done pal? Looking to start as Evesham asap, keep doing what your doing tho, top work!
  7. Hi mate, is the Southern League south and west league on this download? Wanting to start as Evesham United tonight
  8. I got Lucas 2nd season 25 m first season they wanted 52 Million
  9. FM WeeGiE - Summer Transfer Update Thread

    Adam Gemili , Should Be Out Of His Dagenham and Redbridge Contract Due To Retiring From The Sport To Take Up Full Time Athletics
  10. FM WeeGiE - Summer Transfer Update Thread

    How Long To Wait Now Sorry , I Have Just Got In :/
  11. FM WeeGiE - Summer Transfer Update Thread

    Tell you what this update is looking very promising
  12. FM WeeGiE - Summer Transfer Update Thread

    It has been confirmed Ronaldinho has walked out on Flamengo ^