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  1. Im at end of season 1, undecided if I should bring in a central defender or stick with Kos and Mustafi. I have Holding, Chambers and that young Greek guy we recently signed. Mertesacker is retiring Would like to stick with Mustafi unless I get a big bid come in as a few clubs are interested in him. Any recommendations for replacing Kos in the near future?
  2. @Sysiphus trying your tactic you posted a page back, its working well for me so far in 1st season. The inside forward and poacher positions have bagged 22 goals each and only in February and lacazette who plays the inside forward has a bag of assists as well, same goes for the right sided attacker who also has contributed a lot. The central midfield positions are not as great for me especially the Segundo Volante role which I have Ramsey playing in only gets average rating of about 6.5 and the amc advanced playmaker role which I have Ozil in, has only scored 3 goals and 4 assists, wh
  3. Thanks, seems a good tactic so far, scoring a lot although shipping a few goals as well, although its only friendly games I have played so far. Im trying to stick with the same team for the first season, Im compiling a shortlist for next season, want a new LB, CB, GK and RB cover as main priorities. Might look at a right winger as well and use Mkhi in the amc spot to add competition for Ozil. Maybe Mahrez or Pulisic. As for GK I was hoping to bring in Leno as well, maybe next season he will join? Otherwise there is also Timo Horn, not sure how good he is but he looks ok on FM a
  4. Do you mind sharing your player/team instructions if any? I, like you, like to play a similar way to the team irl, so selling players that don't cut it irl and buy players that I feel would want to play for Arsenal. I haven't played FM for ages but have an urge to start a save with the team, going to start first season without buying or selling. I don't get much time anymore to play full game saves, so I recently purchased the touch version which hopefully will be just as good.
  5. just tried this with Arsenal only played 4 games so far (won 3 and draw 1) Before this I was on a very bad run , will stick with it see how it goes. My only problem is who to play in the defensive forward position? anyway good tactic , cheers
  6. hi thought I would post in here , I'm trying to find a good thread on these forums about team talks , is there any? cheers
  7. hi just started using these schedules for my arsenal team , now ive read about the schedules on page 1 but im still a bit unsure where certain players go ? , for instance so far ive done the following but could anyone tell me if this is pretty much correct- all my first first choice starters that play most games have been put on the 1st choice schedules so for players like van persie ive put him on 1st choice centre foward and vermalean on 1st choice centre back and so on. players who dont play as many games and perhaps not reached the potential ive put on devoloping schdules ,for instance
  8. ok im going to use v2.1 with arsenal for both home and away matches , does this tatic work well with arsenal , can the likes of fabregas perform in it?? cheers p.s what is the v2.1 tatic with version 1 layout all about ??
  9. hi guys i would like to try this tatic with arsenal , there seems to be a lot of versions ? , can someone please tell me which version i need cheers
  10. thanks so i should try leaving team passing set too down both flanks just one more thing if things are not going too well should i change the passing short to direct in a match? and is it ok having fabregas(mc) on free role? this is v4 of this tatic by the way. thanks
  11. hi could someone tell me what team passing i should have them set on mixed or down bove flanks???? or should i change it now and then? cheers
  12. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by FuSS: The MCL is probably the least used position in this tactic. It's intend to provide another forward passing option, and i find he gets onto some of the knocks downs of the target man...more than anything i find that he often simply draws markers away from your pacey striker. You can always try changing passing to mixed...i do this at half time sometimes just to mix it up. u can always try giving him a freerole...a player
  13. hi ive got jesus navas in my arsenal squad im starting using the v4 of this tatic. his stats say he is a natural attacking right winger would he be ok in the position of this tatic(midfield right) as i can see it has foward arrow on it so would he still cause havoc??? cheers
  14. hi im arsenal and am about too test v4 of this tatic could i ask who should i have as my target man up front out of these and who shoul i partner him with ? henry,vela,sauzo,brentner,walcott,rvp cheers
  15. hi fuss sorry if this has been asked , do you have an idea of when you might be releasing the V3 version and what changes you are proberly going to make i like this tatic the only thing i would like to see is a more defencesive role in midfield but also keeping it still as a flat 4-4-2? cheers fuss great tatic
  16. hi fuss i really like this tactic ive won most games ,my only things im finding is: concedeing goals (not always but sometimes concede 2 or 3) i like the flat 4-4-2 but i would like to see a defensive midfielder as i use javier mascherano and nigel reo'coker in the middle do you think you might change a central midfielder to more defensive still keeping it a flat 4-4-2 in V3?) cheers
  17. hi im using this tatic with westham, im finding that im scoreing lots, but also conceding lots too?
  18. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Dalv: question: which one has to be the target man in v.2? the one with forward runs and run with ball set to often? or the other one with those set to mixed? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> hi im need to find this out also , but i would have thought the one with foward runs and run with ball?
  19. hi this tatic seems to be working well so far for my westham. who should i have as target man? tevez,ashton,harewood? i play tevez and ashton together and sometimes harewood with one of them cheers
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