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  1. Just tied Gibbs down to a new long term contract. funnily he wanted only 10k or so more and his appearance and defensive clauses were a lot lower so good deal all round I feel. Want to try and get Ozil tied down for longer but his asking for 240k!!! Also want to offer a better deal for Bellerin due to his outstanding performances, not sure if I should just wait till he asks as his tied down till 2020 already and i think he would want a lot more than his currently on if i offered him a new contract?? what do you think about these? cheers Also guys I wanted to try and get Dybala in the january season 1 transfer window. Juve wanted 100m+, I managed to negotiate down to around £87m. I never went ahead though as I want to strengthen other areas as well. Does FM work the same as in real life where transfers in January are generally more expensive due to time scale of clubs getting a replacement and clubs just not willing to sell half way in a season? I may try again in the summer as I reckon he may cost a little less then hopefully. thanks
  2. Barcelona came in with a 35m offer for Sanchez in season 1 winter window, obviously I rejected. Next thing I have is Sanchez moaning that he wasn't allowed to talk to barca and have the chance to play at a big club!! What why would you want to go back there? you just left the club and Im still in all competitions and top of the league currently. Bizarre. Anyway I promised him Im going to invest in the squad at the end of the season. Not quite sure what calibre of player will please him? I have Gaya and Dybala on my potential targets.
  3. Guys was this a good deal. PSG came in for Paulista in the January window who was playing quite regular for me but I was planning on strengthening here at the end of the season 1, I negotiated up to 17.25m and I have bought in John Stones as his replacement for £38m potentially rising to £46m. Whats the most you guys have spent on John Stones?
  4. well not sure really yet as ive not reached the end of season 1 but i do have a healthy 112m transfer kity due to the board making extra funds available to me, I presume it will be even more come summer, but there is a few positions I want to strenghten such as left back.
  5. Thank's Scribe, think I will go for Jose Gaya as he has been on my radar for a while and I prefer players with better mental stats, not sure if he is worth the £35m clause he has in his contract though? Anyone know some good false 9 type players. cheers
  6. Thanks, forgot about Jenkinson so thats that problem solved. As for left back Jose Gaya is on my radar but I will see. Just on the lookout for a top striker who is suited for the false9 role, walcott has been doing ok there but I may sell Giroud.
  7. Ive been playing Monreal who has been the better for me, but I would rather improve on this position but keep Gibbs who is younger.
  8. Hi everyone. Just need some advise on where I should look to strengthen/replace at the end of season 1. Ive not really changed the team apart from selling Arteta and Flamini and bringing in some midfield defensive options, Krychowiak, Meli and attacking winger Zikovic. I have a few players (gibbs and debuchy) who have complained about lack of first team football, The latter will get sold hopefully so I would need a backup option for the excellent Bellerin. Will try to keep gibbs happy but would like to get a better player here if i sell Monreal. In the centre paulista has also complained but I'm playing him ahead of Mertesacker currently. Would like another high potential young defender here as I may sell Mert. Pretty stacked in midfield with all the creative players. I also could do with a decent False 9 type player?? Giroud does not seem to sort the role. Thanks
  9. Hi Mr U Rosler, thanks for sharing your tactic, Im long time FM player but only play a bit when Ive got time, so I love to try out other peoples tactics. I have tried this set with Arsenal, Im pretty impressed so far, from the start I went on a 10 match unbeaten run picking up some great results. I find both home and away to be quite solid overall. If anything I have noticed in a few games I seem to pick up an a lot of cards, at home against Sporting lisbon using the home tactic I lost 1-0, my team picked up 9 yellow cards and 2 of my players got themselves double booked. Also away at Everton I was leading 2-0 only to concede 2 penalties later in the game to make it 2-2 also this game got a 1 red card and a few yellows. All the offenders are the defenders or defensive midfielders. Im guessing without checking you may have "get stuck in" or similar enabled, but maybe without some of these tactics the tactic overall might not be as solid at the back? anyway great set of tactics you have. thanks
  10. Not sure how similar but I got Grzegorz Krychowiak in my save to strengthen this position, got him for his buyout clause of 21.5m and so far he seems to be very good in the dm slot. He has great mental and physical stats. Anyway I've been away from FM for a while skipped a lot of the previous versions, but thought I would try FM16 for when I get some spare time. Im getting a few tips off here. @JEinchy I'm trying your instructions from your post a bit further up the page and so far going well, the false 9 role seems to work great for Walcott, scored 5 goals in 3. One thing I notice you say its a 433 formation, is it a flat 433 as you say you use a defensive midfielder but in a flat 3 I cant choose that role. It would be great if you could post a screenie of your formation if you don't mind. Thanks
  11. Hi Guys Not played for a while, so thought I would start a new save with Arsenal, Im using a fairly up-to-date editor data file, so I have no Fabianski, Bendtner and Sagna. I think a backup keeper is needed after losing Fabianski, does anyone have a good suggestion who will accept fairly low wages. I got in Aurier for right back, the guy supposedly linked to us, not sure how good he is in fm, but my scouts rated him fairly highl thanks
  12. Hi I think this has been asked many times, so sorry but I just cant find a fix Every time I try to go into the in game store I get an instant error pop up " general error has occurred " " error code 0 " Not sure what the problem is , I would like to purchase the In game editor. many thanks
  13. trying this tactic now but Im unsure how Giroud, Podolski will do in the false nine role as well as podolski as a defensive winger? I also have Lewendowski.
  14. decided to keep Giroud as I have loaned out Gnabry. Im not sure how good Flamini is on fm14 as I have played Lars Bender for most of the first season not sure if I should sell him and get someone younger in as backup to Bender? I play Bender as a central midfield ball winner.
  15. hi start of 2nd season , I'm thinking of improving a few areas mainly in defence Transfers In: Corchia 4m Transfers Out: Arteta 1.6m Sagna 6.75m I would like to maybe get a better left back and sell Monreal and have Gibbs as backup also selling Giroud is a possibility as I have lewandowski and I play a poacher role up front so Podolski and Walcott can cover the position which means The Ox and Gnabry can get more games on the wings. Any left back recommendations and better cover for GK? thanks