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  1. I've been putting off purchasing the game this year for the first time in 5 years after growing tired of beta-testing every release until the final update. Threads like this justify my decision. I don't understand how bugs like this make it through. (I know, I know. "You haven't even played the game". I've gone through it in the past.) A testing team playing through one season should be able to spot these irregularities. It sounds like some things have definitely improved to make the game more challenging. But it sounds like (the general consensus in this thread) these player interactions are asinine. How was this not picked up on? I'll be keeping an eye out for the March release, hopefully these issues are given some attention.
  2. Technical much? We all know what team he's talking about, no need to share your superior knowledge.
  3. [Release] [FM2014] bergkamp14 transparent v5 and v5 bg

    Still having problems. After renaming the files changes in the .xml files actually take effect in game (such as changing the line color, etc.) but no matter what combination (true, false) I do with <boolean id="show_inaccurate_category" and <boolean id="scale_picture", the analyzer remains small. This is with both the values set to false, it's a little bigger but no line. Is there maybe a line I can put in to replace "scale_picture" so it's a specific size, i.e. 240x180.
  4. [Release] [FM2014] bergkamp14 transparent v5 and v5 bg

    Thanks for trying but that didn't change anything. I'd like to have the GK polygon the size of the outfield one by the way. I've even tried replacing bergkamp player attribute analyser outfield.xml and bergkamp player attribute analyser goalkeeper.xml with panels from other skins where I don't have that issue but nothing changes.
  5. [Release] [FM2014] bergkamp14 transparent v5 and v5 bg

    Am I the only one who's getting this? I brought it up in a previous thread and Gab said that it wasn't because of the skin. I've tried others skin and have not had this issue. Any ideas?
  6. [Release] bergkamp14 transparent v2

    The top. The font on the second one looks out of place and unnecessary.
  7. [Release] bergkamp14 transparent v2

    Hey Gab, how would I go about removing the big shirt with the squad number on the player profile and move the rest of the information up (Reputation, Personality)?
  8. [Release] bergkamp14 transparent v2

    Love this skin. Here are some minor issues I've noticed: The polygon for GK is much smaller than outfield players And this other problem. The generated logos on the staff screen are huge. Could you also make the title bar wider so text does not run off like it does here and so that it is flush with the main bar than the 2 pixel gap that's present now?
  9. Changing the zoom %

    This would be useful for me as well but I'm pessimistic about the probability.
  10. [Released] white & dark & transparent V1 bergkamp skin

    This is what I'd like. I'd like to use the dark skin but have transparent boxes while retaining the background on the top bar.
  11. I totally agree with you. There has to be some way for AI managers to build realistic teams and pick intelligent match day squads. I don't know what the answer is but in the end this is a simulation. Giving players a number for a real life attribute isn't realistic either, but that's the way SI chose to make it work. I don't see any reason why your idea is any less realistic.
  12. I agree with you on waiting until they fix major bugs, but this issue isn't one that's likely to be addressed during a patch. That's why I had my hopes up for this release. Reading some of the new features and fixes really had me hoping that SI had made the AI halfway decent. Maybe for FM15...but this time I won't be spending my money. It happens every now and then, but overall long term squad building is terrible. AI teams prefer to play their 35 year old midfielder instead of the 18 year old with 5 star potential. Add to that the fact that they sign players they have no need for and fail to tie down players that are clear first team quality. Maybe the issue is the reliance on reputation rather than ability/potential.
  13. So dissapointed they didn't address an issue as crucial as this. After only playing 13 for about a month, it looks like I won't be buying the game this year.
  14. I do something similar in that I never use search, only sign players my scouts have found on assignments and try to not sign free agent newgens who are too good to be out of contract. Even then I end up dominating. It's good that the ME gets improved, but what's the point when the AI is going to have horrible teams on the pitch?
  15. That's not good to hear. The one thing I was hoping they'd fix.