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  1. maybe. i'm just saying because my left-back with stamina of 16 always goes forward and is very tired (below 70s) at the end of the match. i don't really remember his natural fitness attribute though
  2. yeah, but for me a good fullback must have at least 15-16 stamina, especially fast and attacking one
  3. have you tried switching the slider for certain players to the longest passing possible so they can pass it anywhere they want to? it may be useful for a deep-lying playmaker
  4. Match Engine is a real mess. These are the most annoying things: 1. Long shots are uselles. I mean completely useless. No matter how high player's long shots ability, he wont hit the target 9/10 times. This is really, really annoying. 2. Sudden long balls. Sometimes, when you're in possesion, players with bad passing (GK, centrebacks, fullbacks or anchorman) will start lauching long balls to the strikers or wingers even when they're on the low creative freedom and short passing. That's a waste of possesion. 3. After the opposition's team goal kick, my DMC heads the ball very hard forward and my striker goes 1 on 1 with the keeper in the result of it. This is really often and completely unrealistic thing. 4. After a cornerkick, when the opposition heads the ball away, my player collects it near the penalty box and almost immediately gives the ball back to cornerkick taker who's still in offside. This happens about 7 out of 10 times. 5. Too many goals from corners even on the default settings. Well, you know there were some tricks in previous versions of FM to make your team score from corners a lot but it seems like this year SI decided to help everyone and make it happen without a need to change anything. Come on, both of my defenders having ~15 goals in the season is really dull. 6. Most of the goals scored after a throw-in, freekick or the counter-attack, goals scored directly from the game when your team passes the ball around must be more common than those described above. 7. It seems like it is sometimes scripted for your team to lose. There will be lots of shots hitting the bar or not hitting the target. You can have 15 shots and only one of them will be on target! 8. One on ones also still need to be fixed. Even my ice cold killa Falcao fails to score them fairly often. And some other annoying things: 1. Sometimes player's reactions in the private chat are so dull. When I say to Falcao (2 goals, 8.7) that he was great at scoring, he says he doesn't think he was so good. Silly. 2. When you switch to some other program during the match, the match automatically stops and resumes only when you switch back. It must be an option, not by default like it is now. I mean, FM really takes a lot of time, and with this thing it takes a lot more. 3. I don't like the new tactical interface when you have to switch to the separate panel to set the individual instructions instead of just clicking on a player's name or his position on the pitch like it was before. I understand that this year SI was working hard against the piracy and so far they succeed at it but they should have worked on the game too.
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