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  1. I liked all the released FM's, but this one does seem to be the most polished and complete version I have ever played (since FM07 that is).
  2. Playing as Sassuolo, I have a standard 4-1-4-1 (DM wide) possession based football for when I'm the better team (as I am most of the time), a 4-2-3-1 (AM wide) with Gegenpress mostly used on away games against equal or stronger teams. My third slot is a WIP tiki-taka-work-your-magic kind of tactic, quite succesfull in friendlies. Next season I'll be testing it out in league games against the weakest sides. I tweak my tactics shortly based on the weaknesses of my opponents.
  3. Eats red cards for breakfast Prefers to mark teammate instead of the opposition
  4. You're always welcome in our simple country called Belgium
  5. Can't remember, but it surely is possible. Is it always the first signed that gets the non-EU spot first when a new one is vacant?
  6. I loaned out two registered non-eu players to non-Italian clubs, which gave me two 'free' non-eu places. But both went to youth players who have no chance of playing in my first team yet.
  7. Sorry for bumping this one back up, but I'm having a related issue. I signed two first team signings with Sassuolo, but instead of freeing up the two non-eu places for them, the game decided to give both spots to two 18yo players. Gutted as I am, is there any way to change this? Would using the in-game editor have any effect? It seems like I have to send both first team signings out on loan to keep them remotely happy :/
  8. I'm running 15.1.3 For some reason, things returned to normal by itself last night. Could it maybe have something to do with the fact that it's saved on the cloud?
  9. Hello, I have this weird problem that started today. When I loaded my last savegame all the players' names were changed to a random one. I tried rebooting the game, didn't work. I tried verifying Steam cache and rebooting Steam, didn't work. When I load the same savegame again, their names have changed again to another random one. This problem happens in all my savegames. The only things I use are logopacks, custom flags and this. But up to today those worked just fine. Here are some screenshots: Barcelona squad: http://i58.tinypic.com/igx93n.jpg And here's "Lionel Messi": http://i59.tinypic.com/24nh0cn.jpg This problem kinda makes the game unplayable...
  10. Looking at your results, you're not doing anything wrong. 5 losses in 6 months aint that bad.
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