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  1. If I set a Full Back’s duty to Automatic but my team’s philosophy is Attacking will he simply play as a Full Back Attack? Or does automatic mean you are giving the full back license to make his own decision on when to go forward and when not to?
  2. Having rushed onto the Beta to simply look at a few player’s stats last week I skipped a lot of inductions hoping to be able to come back to them properly once the full game is out. Now I have the full version and I’m starting a new career will the game offer me those tutorial inductions to each part of the game or will it pick up that I’ve skipped them?
  3. No!! How dare you get sacked, I’m relying on you to help me plan out my Slough save starting next Friday! 😂 All joking apart tough break! Back your philosophy at your new club, play the way you want to play not the way you feel you have to!
  4. Tough start! Players clearly not good enough. Question from me would be if they’re struggling in this tactic and it’s not one you would usually play why not switch to a style you know better even if it doesn’t suit them on paper? At least then you’re doing it your way
  5. Glad this is up and running. What a goal from Jarvis! As I mentioned on last year’s forum I am starting a Journeyman save as Slough when the full version comes out, could you keep me posted on any interview offers you get along the way without applying? Look forward to the Torquay Billericay double header
  6. Absolutely love this set up! A very late discoverer but I look forward to your FM19 updates! I would like to focus on a Journeyman save in FM19 probably purely based in England, my home town club Slough have finally made it onto the official game DB so I’ll start with them and see where the career takes me I’d like to know if it’s possible to be disciplined to not apply for jobs and simply wait for interview offers from higher levels once they deem I’m worthy. Did Dover for example approach you after season one or did you have to apply while still working at Bognor?
  7. Here's roughly how I see it playing out...
  8. I understand it's risky but like I said I've always been the type to build exciting teams and I'm regularly the top scorer in the league - with the worst defence obviously. I was leaning towards the idea of two Car's either side of a DLP, I'm about to start with Wolves in the Championship so that would give me Neves as the DLP in his natural role. Would you suggest a flat 3 so the Car's are that little bit wider to cover the full backs? Or drop the DLP into DM?
  9. The Treq's are in the striker positions, I have always tried to outscore opponents and had a lot of success doing it so I like the three strikers. I like the idea of that flat 3, is it a problem to have those less specialised roles or do you think they offer the cover I need?
  10. I'm looking to create a style of play based around the players pressing and closing the ball down and when it's won moving forward with a high tempo and allowing them lots of creative freedom to play passes they deem are on. So I have most of my roles in place and it's bold but now I need advice on how to fill the midfield 3. So far I'm at this: GK FB-A CD-D CD-D FB-A ??? ??? ??? TREQ CF-A TREQ I've always had success playing 3 up front, My vision is the full backs bomb on to provide the width and variety to the attack. The two Treq's float around the whole game always on the move looking for space and the CF-A spearheads the whole thing by creating and scoring goals. Now my question is how do I provide cover to the spaces left behind by the full backs? Is a DM enough or would that just sure up the middle and still leave me exposed down the wings? If I were to play two Carrilero's for example either side of the midfield 3 would they cover their sides when the full backs have gone past them? How do I link the play? Is it a Roaming Playmaker in the middle of two Carrilero's to offer cover to the full backs and then a dynamic player in the middle to link things and offer a passing option?
  11. Romers

    Press Conferences

    Thanks mate I'll check that out next time!
  12. I've just remembered to ask this, I've attended a press conference after winning an FA Cup game against Hull. I've been asked if I want to respond to Di Matteo's rather critical comments following the game but is there a way of finding out what he's actually said before I respond to this?
  13. I just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction ahead of Friday. I'm really at a loss as to HOW I want my team to play. Do I try and build a high press and win the ball back high up the pitch to start my attacks but risk a ball over the top opening me up? Do I try and build a team which keeps its shape in the defensive third and then tries to break at pace with flying wingers or pin point passes from a playmaker? How do you guys decide which style of football you'd like to play? Do you try and emulate something from real life? Or base it around a few key players in the squad you inherit? Or stick to a style you believe in regardless of personnel and use the transfer market long term to build YOUR team to suit YOUR tactic?
  14. I need some advice regarding team shape. If I am trying to build a team that press relentlessly as a unit and when they get on the ball I want them to play in an attacking manner with lots of creative freedom and a high tempo then I would assume the more fluid I make my team shape the better? However, having read the various posts regarding team shape around the forums I'm doubting myself, would I be better off structured so each player knows his job and doesn't deviate from the pressing? Or do I need neither and I'd actually benefit from a standard shape?