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  1. I uploaded the save game, hope I did it right :-) It's called: Francesco Maldini - Milan - Duitsland.fm
  2. I only added a kit pack. But I had that from the beginning of FM20 and never had a crash dump before.
  3. Before yesterday I never had problems playing FM20. Since yesterday, I constanly get crash dumps. It's Always at the beginning of a new game and Always when I want to go to STAFF. Are there other people who have te same problems? And does any one know what we can do about it? Thanks
  4. Crashes are random. When the game is processing, could be during a match. I use logo's, kits, facepacks. I never had problems with that in the past.
  5. Hi, Since a month, I frequently get crash dumps in my game. I never had that before in FM 18. Can you help me find a solution? Thanks in advance. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.17 16.43.32).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.25 22.24.59).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.26 11.56.35).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.06 13.14.15).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.14 10.14.23).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.14 14.02.08).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.16 12.30.19).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.23 08.50.58).dmp
  6. I tried everything but it doesn't work. I don't get a crash dump. But the game stops, the screen goes to desktop and everthing is blocked. Sometimes I can't even close it by pressing ctrl + alt+ del, then I have to close down the computer with the on/ off button. I deleted everything on my computer and I reinstalled windows again, I can play till a certain moment and then it stops. It does'nt Always stops at the same moment. Any suggestions? Grtz
  7. So I tried that also. Sometimes I can play for a while and sudenly the game doesn't react anymore. I have to close down with ctrl+alt+del. It's not a crash dump but, it just doesn't react anymore.
  8. I removed all the custom graphics, I play in fullscreen mode now and I did the thing with the Nvidia card. It worked for a while but the game crashed again.
  9. I've send you the dxdiag. Yes I have logo's, facepacks , ... I will remove them and try again. But I have them since FM came out and I didn't have troubles with the game since a few weeks.
  10. I checked everything you asked me to check but nothing works. I updated the graphic card, I don't have any of the programs who can cause trouble and I configured the correct card. Any suggestions?
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