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  1. In the future FM should include club popularity@fan base in country.I bought Kagawa for Reading for example..then Reading become more popular in Asia and Japan specifically, rather than just plain club reputation like now which is more based on your success in competition.
  2. Always work for me..but sometimes i feel like cheating because ai don't use them.Maybe we can suggest to SI so the ai manager use friendly to improve morale too..
  3. Yup this is the case, i won the league before the kids play his 10 game..poor kid
  4. achievement record..not mention the npower championship win
  5. I bought him in january and play 11 league match..i won championship that year but he is not get his medal achievement. If not mistaken the player need to play at least 10 match to get a medal right?
  6. I love the high transfer fee for youngster..it make hard for us human to exploit the market.But yeahh..the wage demand need to tone down.Except for city of course
  7. Just like Man utd vs Villa 1st half..United had dominated possesion but trailing one goal down.Concede a goal from quick counter attack
  8. I hope they make it right this time..every free hour i look at this site to find out the news about ME update.
  9. The AI are able to do this closing down but my defenders just stand around like morons..are u sure AI defender closing down properly? I don't thing so..
  10. ME update are always compatible with save game as long as i know..
  11. In fm12 we got too many cc chance..goal come mostly from through ball.This year i got many different type of goal scored and much realistic ccc per game.
  12. Honestly i think this year ME has a much potential once SI fix all the bug..actually at this moment after minor patch, this year ME look far better than FM12.
  13. In my QPR game draw 0-0 in 3 friendly games..
  14. Anderson for QPR just play 2 league game so far.He score my first goal against spurs..2-0 sweet victory!
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