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  1. Best deal I could get was £100k from Blackburn, the fans not happy because he's a useful squad player!
  2. Finished my first season in 4th and several points clear of 5th place Huddersfield, in typical Forest fashion after comfortably beating them twice in the league we bottle it in the Semi’s and wrap up a wasteful 9 months of hard work! Brought in N’Zogbia on a free and a couple of loans, highly recommend Josh Murphy from Norwich who was superb in AML/AMC. Also had a couple of failed take-overs which annoyingly one took out January completely and all transfer activity was suspended by Fawaz. With a transfer kitty of nil-pois for the 17/18 campaign and the wage budget being lowered by 10% I managed to offload a few high earners and bring in a couple of released promising players, Conor Hourihane in particular (Now worth £9m after half a season in CM). Currently sitting top having just entered January with Lansbury playing off Assombalonga bagging tons of goals, a consortium has finally pushed through but have maintained current budgets – at least they’ve agreed to invest in youth facilities and at some point in late 2018 we will have a higher graded academy.
  3. FM16: Nottingham Forest FC - 150 Years & Counting

    Season 2019/20 Premier League Expectations: Premier League: Top Half Finish League Cup: Semi Final FA Cup: Quarter Final The board increased their expectations to a top half finish and I was hopeful of going one better and qualifying for Europe. Transfers In: Sergio Diaz (£30m), Roberto Firminio (£25m), Christian Benteke (£8.25m), Charlie Taylor (£9.5m), De Arrascaeta (£2.5m), Jon Flanagan (£1.9m), Fabian Frei (£0), Lachlan Harvey (£0), Uke Ugbo (£0), Kenedy (Loan), Sergi Samper (Loan), Nicolas Sandoval (Loan), Dan Crowley (Loan) Transfers Out: Denys Garmash (£25m), Andrew Robertson (£20m), Danny Ings (£6m), Adam Taggart (£5m), Alex Iavcotti (625k) Unfortunately Man United and Arsenal came calling for two of my best players in Garmash and Robertson, but recouping £45m for the pair of them enabled me to bring in better quality in other area’s. Benteke re-signed after making a tidy profit as well as big money splashes on Firmino and potential wonder kid Sergio Diaz. Flanagan and Frei turned out to be bargains and I let Ings and Taggart go with them not getting much of a game. The wage budget is now very close to the budget, but being well under in previous seasons gave me more flexibility in the market. Final League Position: 6th Capital One Cup: (4th Round) FA Cup: (Semi Final) Again we were placed in the top 5 for the majority of the season and ultimately finished 6th, finally qualifying for Europe after coming so close in the past 2 seasons. Charlie Taylor stepped in admirably for Robertson although we did miss Garmash’s in midfield, Diaz and Benteke rotated up front with Charlie Austin getting the odd sub appearance. I spent big this season (although did re-coup over £56m in sales – the squad should be settled for the next 2/3 seasons now but the defence will need investment sooner rather than later.
  4. FM16: Nottingham Forest FC - 150 Years & Counting

    Season 2018/19 Premier League Expectations: Premier League: Mid-Table Finish League Cup: 4th Round FA Cup: 5th Round The board wanted another mid-table finish despite us finishing 8th, the budget they offered was barely better if I requested a top half finish and so I left expectations as the board saw fit. Transfers In: Jack Wilshere (£11.25m), Denys Garmash (£15m), Sergiy Krytsov (10m), Egidio Berti (Free), Bas Rosink (Free), Gerard Deulofeu (Loan), Sergi Samper (Loan) Transfers Out: Florian Lejuene (£1.5m), Britt Assmobalonga (£1.2m), Jamie Paterson (£250k), Jamie Ward (£185k), Walker (Loan), Berti (Loan), Rosink (Loan), Burke (Loan) Due to our relatively low wage expenditure I managed to free up enough funds to bring in 3 big signings in Wilshere, Garmash and Krystov which should add real quality in the defence and midfield. I was happy with the 2 loan signings we made which should compete for first team places and two youngsters on free’s who would be loaned out for the season. 3/4 back up players left to ensure we remained under the wage budget in addition to youth players going out to gain some experience. Final League Position: 8th Capital One Cup: (2nd Round) FA Cup: (Semi Final) We were placed in the top 5 for the majority of the season only to slip towards the end again which saw us finish 8th, again. Not a bad season but I had hoped to push into Europe, and really we should have done. We missed Benteke’s goals and with Austin being injured for 2/3 of the campaign we relied heavily on the midfield’s contribution. I think we are not far away from pushing into the top 6 or so but need a clinical striker which ofcourse don't come cheap, hopefully next year's budget is enough to grab one! Career Progress
  5. Actually quite liking the realism of this, have always just gone after other targets if the selling club asks for ridiculous amounts. Just thought it was a non-starter and the club wouldn't drop their asking fee's too much so will put more effort in to the better one's!
  6. Will be going on a press release spree tonight, hopefully 1/2 of the players will try and force a move.
  7. Fair enough, time to start p*ssing off the selling club then! To be fair Stones is a Premier League and International player, the one's I'm after are in the U18's generally.
  8. Will give that a go then, although liklehood is if they aren't selling for x10 the value at the moment then it becomes harder to sign the player. Providing he gets in/around the first team and does well then his value will raise and so too the asking price I'd imagine.
  9. I did start at around the player's actual value, the above is an example of how much in excess my opening offer is but remains far short of the clubs asking price. The main issue IS the value though, I obviously understand that clubs don't want to sell their best youngsters but just surprised at the ridiculous asking fee's for a 17 year old (in excess of £30M) when he hasn't even been near the first team yet. Was just looking for any advice from people that have success of buying youth/regens at not so astronomical prices!
  10. I'm having real difficulty in signing youth players (particularly regens) as the selling club wants ridiculous fee's. Everytime I suggest terms of roughly 3-5 times their value the selling club wants over 10-15 times their value! Most recent case was a 17 year old CM who was valued at £750k, I suggested 3.5M and selling club bumped this up to in excess of £30M. The negotiations broke down when I replied with £10M - and any offer upto £20M was rejected thereafter. I understand that the regens I am looking at are potential world class but the scouts never are able to offer me a transfer fee valuation that would be accepted. Is there a better approach that works to buy regens (perhaps appearance add-ons?). Thanks
  11. FM16: Nottingham Forest FC - 150 Years & Counting

    Thanks, I'm off to the Middle East next month and really fancy a crack at the UAE leagues so going to keep going with this save until then.
  12. FM16: Nottingham Forest FC - 150 Years & Counting

    Season 2017/18 Premier League Expectations: Premier League: Mid-Table Finish League Cup: 4th Round FA Cup: 5th Round After last season’s final position of 14th the board wanted another mid-table finish, but providing I could get 2/3 quality additions in the right area’s then we should be able to finish inside the top 10. Transfers In: Nacer Chadli (£17.25m), Chidiebere Nwakali (£16.5m), Charlie Austin (£9m), Andrew Robertson (£6.75m), Danny Ings (£5m), Stefan Bell (£4.2m), Miroslav Stoch (£4.5m), Sidney Sam (£1.5m), Declan Rudd (£850k), Wes Morgan (£35k), Ramires (Loan), David Fernandes (Loan) Transfers Out: Kevin Prince Boateng (£6m),Patrick Bamford (£3m), Michael Mancienne (£275k), Matt Mills (£71k), Danny Fox (£0), Matty Fryatt (£0), Marco Motta (£0), Tyler Walker (Loan), Oliver Burke (Loan), Jamie Paterson (Loan) Benteke had a release clause of £17.25m and so off to Arsenal he went, it did allow me to bring in and Charlie Austin who banged in 13 since his arrival in January. Ramires was signing of the season on loan from Chelsea, I wanted to make it permanent in Jan but they asked for £30M plus which didn’t provide much value for a 31 year old. Final League Position: 8th Capital One Cup: (Runners Up) FA Cup: (Quarter Final) A fairly consistent season from start to finish, the defence looked much more solid with the addition of Stefan Bell and Charlie Austin more than proved himself a worthy replacement for Christian Benteke. We came so close to silverware losing 2-0 in the League Cup final to Chelsea, which would of given us European football next season too! Overall a good campaign where we continued to improve and made good additions to the squad. With one or two key signings I think we could break into the top 5/6 and qualify for Europe next season. Lansbury earned his first England call up and was a half time substitute in the World Cup final, unfortunately Spain beat us 2-0.
  13. FM16: Nottingham Forest FC - 150 Years & Counting

    Season 2016/17 Premier League Expectations: Premier League: Avoid Relegation League Cup: 4th Round FA Cup: 5th Round The aim was to simply stay up this season, wasn’t interested in either of the cups as long as we finished 17th or higher. If we kept everyone fit then maybe we could push towards the top half, maybe. Transfers In: Lucas Lima (£10m), Andros Townsend (Loan then £9.75m), Gabriel Paulista (£8.75m), Christian Benteke (£8.25m), Patrick Bamford (£5m), Joe Cartwright (£86k), Onur Kivrak (£0), Kevin Prince Boateng (£0), Florian Lejeuene (£0), Renato Sanches (Loan, Alexandre Pato (Loan), Paddy McNair (Loan) Transfers Out: Dylan Burns (£525k), Robert Tesche (Released), Andy Reid (Released), Dexter Blackstock (Released), Oliver Burke (Loan), Tyler Walker (Loan), Matt Mills (Loan), Dimitar Evitmov (Loan), Danny Fox (Loan) Was initially only given a transfer budget of around £6/7M to stay up and so I brought in Kivrak, Boateng and Lejuene on free’s with Bamford signing for £5m which was probably a litte too much. I was 9th in January and so the board offered me £30M if I could deliver a mid-table finish – and so in came in Lima, Townsend, Paulista and Benteke. A few players left that hadn’t really played much in last seasons promotion campaign after their contracts weren’t renewd. Final League Position: 14th Capital One Cup: (2nd Round) FA Cup: (4th Round) We started well in the league but it was clear to see that we lacked goals, plenty of draws with missed chances were starting to become a regular occasion which worried me that we could slip towards the bottom three. However a great run from the start of November saw us push up into the top 10, allowing me to splash extra funds on some big name signings. Ultimately with a small squad they struggled towards the end of the season with fatigue and injuries playing a big part. We should of hit the top 10 but 14th is a good position to build upon next year, a new CB and DM are clearly required!
  14. FM16: Nottingham Forest FC - 150 Years & Counting

    Season One 2015/16 Championship Expectations: Championship: Mid -Table Finish League Cup 3rd Round FA Cup: 4th Round Long term injuries to Assombalonga, Cohen and Reid meant that realistically we were looking for a top half finish going into January when we would come out of the embargo and could hopefully sign a couple of quality players to push on for play-offs. Transfers In: Marco Motta (£0), Julian Green (6 Month Loan), Jesse Lingard (6 Month Loan, Michu (£0) Transfers Out: Kelvin Wilson (£275k), David Vaughan (£75k), Tyler Walker (Loan), Roger Riera (Loan), O Burke (Loan) With the club being under a transfer embargo I was limited to signing free transfers that did not require an agent fee. The only pre-season signing was Marco Motta on a free transfer to provide back up and hopefully a bit of competition for Eric Lichaj at RB. Season Review Final League Position: Second (Promotion) Capital One Cup: (2nd Round) FA Cup: (4th Round) After a steady start to the season in the league we were competing for a play-off position, Lansbury and Osborn noticeably impressing. It was clear that we were short of goals with Oliveria, Blackstock and O’Grady seemingly not up to the task of hitting double figures for the season. It was a struggle to sign a better rated striker in January and so Julian Green, Jesse Lingard and Michu all came in to hopefully add a better threat from midfield and the wide areas. Assombalonga’s return saw us turn a draws into wins from Mid-March and after a great run of 7 wins from the final 9 games we overtook Derby to clinch 2nd and promotion to the Premier League after 16 long years.
  15. Not sure how this would work, but it could be a good addition if you could choose/negotiate a start date for joining a club as manager. For example the Rangers job was available in late April, but I had a cup final with my current club that I wanted to play before I applied. Therefore it would be good if you could apply but then negotiate that you would take over at the end of the season rather than straight away. In real life most clubs would hire a caretaker until the end of the season, or agree for a manager to take over at the end of season anyway? Just a thought!