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  1. Yeah I can see why they added the preview aspect, reloading the one day was a very simple way to obscure the average PA coming out of our academy. Understandable for a more realistic gameplay, simply annoying in this particular instance of "im 20 season in, im committing, i want that son"! From what I've found, reloading the day before the actual intake can vary CA, PA, but generally names/ nationalities seem to be set on the preview. Can't say I've noticed relationships changing, as I've never had anything out of the ordinary (often just me and some backroom staff as favoured personne
  2. Let's talk about the white whale, the needle in the haystack, the son. Being over 35 seems very likely and makes sense (28 year old manager finds his 16 year old son? Do the maths), but I'm wanting to go deeper. I'm wondering what the collective mind of these forums knows about reloading for a son. Do you save and reload the day before your actual intake, the preview? Somewhere in the game code must be the line/ function that runs the 1/whatever thousand chance for "generate son". I asked Seb on twitter about this (generated on preview Vs generated on intake) and he said: So
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