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  1. I personally just thought it would be a good idea... Whatever club you want to manage, it saves the manager getting sacked, so you already take on his preferences, favoured people etc. Obviousyly it should just be added as an option, so that people who want to be themselves can do? No harm in having it as an option??
  2. Instead of being your own manager you can take over, so for Man United, you can either take over as yourself or be David Moyes, getting all his stats and reputation etc...?
  3. I have an idea for the new Football Manager, and hopefully it gets some publicity and gets forward as I think it would greatly enhance the game. Obviously to play Football Manager you create your manager and then take over your desired club... However I think it would be a good option to 'Be a Manager'. By this, I mean, you have the option to take over. So instead of having to create a manager and take over yourself, you can become a Manager. For example, Manchester United. You can be yourself and take them over, leading to Moyes getting sacked/resigning whatever, or you can be David Moyes. With this, you get his reputation, his liked persons, his disliked etc. This way you are able to carry on at the club as if it is realistic. In FM14, if you want to take over at Chelsea, it means Mourinho is sacked, without completing one game. However, if you could be Mourinho, and carry on. Your reputation would mean you get more job offers, and you are more respected by the board etc. I think it would add a different dimension to the game? What do you think?
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