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  1. It's episode 9 and the start of the second season with FK Teplice. We kick off by reviewing our summer transfer activity and the players that we are still considering bringing in. Then, we have the big one, our first ever game in European football in this career. It's the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League against Vardar of North Macedonia.

    It's been 10 years since the club competed in European competition. Can we get them off to a positive start?

    Episode 9 - S2 Our European Debut

  2. In Part 21 of this Great Liechtenstein Challenge we kick off by looking at the form of the club side, FC Balzers, as we hit the halfway point of the season. We also take a look at some new signings and two huge departures for differing reasons.

    Following our review of the situation with the club side, we turn our attention to the national team where we play Andorra in a UEFA Nations League Promotion/Relegation Playoff fixture!

    Part 21 - S10 Is History Repeating

  3. It's episode seven of the Teplice Trophy Hunt and it's all business today as we have numerous developments to cover since the last episode. There is a player due to leave in the summer and one set to join and news of a senior affiliate which should open up some interesting loan options going forward. We also take a look at our first ever youth intake! Let's see what kind of academy we have here at Teplice!

    We also play the last game of the regular season against Slovan Liberec before we will split off into a seperate group for the last five games of the season.

    Episode 7 - S1 Youth Intake

  4. It's part 20 of The Great Liechtenstein Challenge where I hope to celebrate a decade in charge of FC Balzers with a successful tenth season. In this episode we take a look back at season 9 and just how close we came to winning every competition we were in. We also look at two or three big name departures and a few exciting arrivals. We contemplate what the season may hold and also take a look at a few players we are still trying to sign!

    Season 10 is then kicked off with the first game of the season, a Super League match at home to Zurich with a few of those new signings on display.

    Part 20 - S10 Edging Closer

  5. It's episode 6 of the Teplice Trophy Hunt and we take a look at a big news article that broke over the winter break. We also take a look at a new arrival that joined the club in the January transfer window and it's someone with international experience but a player who will likely be new to 99% of you.

    We then turn out attention to the league where we play Banik Ostrava away from home before taking a look at the future fixtures and attempt to get our heads around the format of the Fortuna League.

    Episode 6 - Making Headlines

  6. It's part 18 and there is so much to cover in this episode including our first league match of season 9 away to Sion. We also review how season 8 went as we were in the hunt for three trophies. We take a look at some new signings, including a former Liverpool and England man and some departures including a huge player for us.

    There is also time to swing by the manager profile page for the first time, take a look at a few new staff members, the finances of the club and how the facility upgrades are going. Like I said, plenty to cover in just 1 video!

    Part 18 - S9 Clinical Finishing

  7. 407232701_20YOUNGUNDISCOVEREDTALENTSINFM20!PT2.thumb.jpg.d6db9393a7fad0f3582ec58c940248bd.jpg


    I'm back with another 20 young, talented players for you to check out in Football Manager 2020. The players in this list range from 16 years old up to 25 years old and will all cost less than £1 million at the start of an FM20 save. This makes them ideal for those on a tighter budget! I believe these players to be "hidden gems" who can all do a great job at a variety of levels.

    There may not be any of the big name wonderkids on this list but that is kind of the point. This video is for the managers who want to find someone a bit different who won't completely decimate their transfer budget.

    Along with my first video that is 40 players I have not recommended! Maybe I will go for 60 soon!


  8. In part 2 of this new Football Manager 2020 challenge, we play our first ever competitive fixture in charge of FK Teplice. Our opponents are UEFA Champions League participants, Viktoria Plzen. It promises to be a huge challenge for the opening day of season one.

    We also take a look at the array of new signings that we have made to prepare us for the first season of this career. There are also some interesting backroom staff additions, including two Dutch coaches with a wealth of international experience and reputations far greater than mine!

    Episode 2 - S1 The First Game

  9. Following season 7 where we played 59 competitive fixtures it was clear that we needed to improve not only the starting 11, but the squad as a whole. In part 17 we take you over the highs and lows of season 7 and take a look at the new signings that have come in to drive the club forward.

    Gone are some of the familiar players and in are some new faces including a Switzerland international legend. We also review our current season 8 progress including the Europa Conference League.

    There is also a Swiss Super League match against St. Gallen to enjoy!

    Part 17 - S8 Changing of the Guard

  10. 20 hours ago, metallimuse said:

    "A club that came after the freedom of WW2"?

    I'm not quite sure how much freedom there was under Soviet rule in the USSR :lol:

    Haha yeah that's true. My bad! Maybe I should have said "A club that came following the end of WW2". I do find it interesting though that they were formed so soon after WW2. Shows how quickly people tried to restore some normality to life after such a long war.

  11. teplice.png.cc6ad44a730f5144a1481a22713f5bfd.png


    Welcome to my brand new Football Manager 2020 career, The Teplice Trophy Hunt, where I head over to the Czech Republic to take charge of top division side, FK Teplice. This is a country that I have never managed in despite playing football management games for more than 20 years so it is completely new horizons for me.

    We may have one of the biggest stadiums in the country but despite being top tier regulars, FK Teplice have never won the top division title in their 75 year history and in recent years have become a mid-table team with no European qualification for 10 years.

    The aim of this FM20 career is to bring glory to FK Teplice and finally win them the Czech league title. Maybe we can add some European silverware along the way too but the primary aim is to dominate our home country. The trophy cabinet may be a little bare but surely we can change that!

    As a usual lower league management FM player, this is something slightly different for me as we will actually have a bit of money to spend right from day 1! Can we overcome the likes of Sparta Prague, Viktoria Plzen and Slavia Prague? Let's find out!

    Episode 1 - New Horizons

  12. In this latest episode of The Great Liechtenstein Challenge we have a lot of things to cover as season 7 has been... eventful so far. We take a look at our less than desirable league campaign and the players that will be leaving in the summer as we plan a clear out. We also look at our AMAZING form in the Europa Conference League and ponder what the future may hold in that tournament.

    We have a Super League match against Basel which we cover in this episode and we look at a couple of new signings and a key player who left the club after two and a half seasons to join Villarreal!

    Part 16 - S7 Going Big In Europe

  13. For part 10 of this Minnows to Mighty challenge in Football Manager 2020 we have a HUGE game. Potentially our biggest game yet. It's the final game of season 2 and we are still in that relegation fight but survival is possible. We do have to rely on other results if we are going to beat the drop but there are still three possible outcomes. 1. Avoid relegation. 2. Go into a Relegation/Promotion playoff. 3. Relegation. 

    With all three outcomes still a possibility, it really is crunch time. 

    Part 10 - S2 Crunch Time

  14. Following the disappointment of the cup we attempt to get our league form back on track as we face fellow strugglers Sogndal in the Norwegian First Division. We also review which players may be leaving the club at the end of the season and compare our wage budget to the other clubs in the league.

    Can we get a result to kick start our season? Or are we in for a long, stressful season?

    Part 9 - S2 Room for Improvement

  15. In part 15 of this Football Manager 2020 challenge that I call home there is a lot to cover. We review our league and European form so far in season 7. Although the league form may leave a little to be desired (is third season syndrome a thing?) we are having a European adventure that we can never forget. We look back on what surely goes down as the biggest result in FC Balzers history... maybe even the biggest result in the history of ANY Liechtenstein club.

    We also play a tough league game away at title chasing Young Boys and review a couple of very interesting new signings. First up, a former Premier League winner and ex-Man City player, then a former Serie A goalkeeper with more experience than I can shake a stick at!

    Part 15 - S7 A European Adventure

  16. Season 6 has finished and in part 14 we find out just how we got on in our second ever season in the Swiss Super League and how we fared in the Liechtenstein Cup that we attempt to win for the third year in a row. We also look at a new signing, the son of a former Barcelona player, ponder our plans for next season and look at a couple of players set to leave the club.

    This is followed by an international game against Georgia at home. Surely a winnable match and one that we need to target if we want to move the National Team forward in the same way that the club side have been.

    Part 14 - S6 The Best of the Rest

  17. In Part 7 we kick off season 2 where we will compete in the Norwegian First Division. As a newly turned Semi-Professional club we have spent the summer recruiting new players for the challenge and also getting our best assets onto contracts. We take a look at some of those new players including one who has over 50 international caps and played for clubs such as Napoli during his career so far.

    The budget and expectations are small but join us as we play our first ever competitive match as a semi-pro club against KFUM Oslo. We will need to raise our game if we are going to be competitive this season!

    Part 7 - S2 Raising Our Game

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