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  1. I have finally started this challenge today. I have loaded: Belgium & Greece Peru Malaysia & Uzbekistan Gabon & Kenya Barbados & Jamaica Fiji & Solomon Islands I was torn whether to go for Fiji or Solomon Islands but I opted for the latter and have taken over at KOSSA FC. Only 6 players in the squad so I will need to fix that before the season begins. I went for Solomon Islands because the season hasnt begun, whereas in Fiji they were half way through and so I would have struggled to qualify for the Champions League in season one.
  2. Not really. Wales have their own league which you can play that has a route to the Champions League. Canadian teams do not have their own league that you can manage in for FM19 and so the only way to get a Canadian team into the CONCACAF Champions League is via the MLS where as Welsh clubs can qualify through their own league. Having said that, a good example is Liechtenstein. They don't have a league and all their clubs play in Switzerland, therefore if you wanted to win the Champions League with a Liechtenstein club, then similar to Canadian clubs you would need to do it with a team that plays club football in the "wrong" nation. However thats a whole other challenge as a Liechtenstein club is only eligible to qualify for the Europa League and so you can only get into the Champions League by winning that. But I digress!
  3. @Watson156 Nice going! To win the Champions League in the first season is awesome! I was going to say that Jason Thomas looks like he may be a crucial player over the future years but then realised you won the Champions league anyway so it doesnt matter haha. Johor DT is definitely a good choice! I had a save in Malaysia years ago and a big part of it is making sure you use your FGN slots wisely! Also try and sign up those Malaysian internationals! 1 down 5 to go though!
  4. Nice! Keep us updated. Should be a tough challenge but quite the achievement if it can be done!
  5. Nice! Let us know how you get on. I have kind of been sidetracked by a save managing Mariupol in Ukraine but this challenge is still very high on my list!
  6. I also can't get it despite subscribing on Steam. May want to check that out, maybe its set up on Steam wrong?
  7. Wait there is a Haiti team that play in Brazil and have the potential to reach the top tier with Haitian regens? A la San Marino challenge style?
  8. Should that not already be on? Or would it need activating?
  9. Maybe more North America would be good such as Panama, El Salvador, Jamaica, Honduras etc?
  10. I was planning to have already started but the database I was using for Panama was way wrong so I cancelled it. Hoping to restart over Christmas, just waiting for Timo or Claassen to do 1 more North American nation and 1 more South American nation. I am all set for Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa.
  11. This time around Malaysia had a team (Johor Darul) enter at the preliminary stage of the Asian Champions League and Hong Kong had 1 team directly into the group stage (Kitchee) and 1 in prelims (Eastern) so no issues with either of those 2 nations being in the Asian Champions League. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_AFC_Champions_League For databases, Timo has completed the below Asian and Oceania nations for people to manage: ASIE Arabie Saoudite (D3) Bahrain (D2) Bangladesh (D2) Bhoutan (D3) Emirats Arabe Unis (D2) Add 14/12/18 Guam (D3) Hong Kong (D4) Add 14/12/18 Iran (D3) Jordanie (D2) Add 14/12/18 Kirghizistan (D3) Macao (D5) Mariannes du Nord (D3) Mongolia (D3) Myanmar (D2) Népal (D4) Oman (D3) Ouzbekistan (D3) Pakistan (D1) Philippines (D1) Qatar (D2) Singapour (D6) Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup) Sri Lanka (D3) Add 14/12/18 Syrie (D3) Tadjikistan (D3) Taiwan (D1) Timor (D4) Turkmenistan (D2) Viêt Nam (D3) Océanie Fidji (D2) Iles Salomon (D1) Nouvelle Calédonie (D2) New Zeland (D4) Tahiti (D2) https://community.sigames.com/topic/458068-fm19-update-pack-by-timo-60-nations/
  12. I don't see why a Canadian MLS team doesn't count as technically no team that plays under the Canadian flag has ever won the CONCACAF Champions League. I am going to do it with a Caribbean team just purely for the challenge and I like the route of trying to win the Caribbean Championship first.
  13. Awesome work Timo! Any plans to do more North American countries? Maybe Jamaica or Nicaragua. I fancy Panama but not sure if Apertura and Clausura are possible to implement?
  14. Yeah I am looking forward to starting it! So this is by no means a definitive list as ALOT of countries have never had a club win their Champions League but it should give you a decent idea and more choices: Europe - Greece, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Wales, Poland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland. Oceania - Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Cook islands, Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa and Tahiti. Asia - Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Syria, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Singapore, Vietnam, Turkmenistan. Africa - Mali, Sudan, Uganda, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia, Botswana, Chad, Kenya, Senegal, Liberia, Namibia, Gabon, Tanzania. North America - Canada, Cuba, Curacao, Jamaica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Grenada, Nicaragua, Cayman Islands. South America - Only Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela have never won it.
  15. Hi Claassen, love your work! I am looking to do a Hexagon challenge with a twist. I am trying to win the 6 Champions Leagues with clubs from countries who have never had a club win it. Hoping to load up 2 nations from each continent. Looking at something like... Belgium & Greece Malaysia & Hong Kong Zimbabwe & Mali Panama & Jamaica Bolivia & Peru Fiji & Solomon Islands Do you think you will be doing those? I know some have been done/are already on the game. Other possibilites would include Uzbekistan, Zambia, Barbados and Vanuatu.
  16. I have always enjoyed challenges on FM such as the San Marino challenge, Pentagon challenge etc. A few months ago I saw something about the Hexagon challenge and I thought what a great idea! After reading a few peoples posts who did it, it became apparent that it can get quite easy towards the end when you have built up your reputation and take say the Corinthians or Real Madrid jobs. I want something that is a constant challenge. To that end I am embarking on... THE HEXAGON CHALLENGE OF NON-CHAMPIONS. Idea is simple, you start unemployed with no coaching qualifications and sunday league player experience. You have to win all 6 Champions Leagues (CONCACAF, UEFA, Oceania, CAF, Copa Libertadores and AFC) in the world but... here is the tricky part. You have to win each one with a club based in a country that has never had a Champions League winner before! So kiss goodbye to clubs in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea etc! After some research and league expansions from Steam I have started a game and loaded up 2 nations from each continent that have never had a Champions League winner. I will try and win the Champions League of each continent with a club from one of these nations. Asia - Hong Kong & Malaysia Europe - Belgium & Greece Africa - Mali & Zimbabwe NA - Jamaica & Panama SA - Bolivia & Peru Oceania - Fiji & Solomon Islands None of those countries have ever had a club win their regions Champions League. Any thoughts on the challenge? Anyone won a single Champions League with a club from a more obscure nation? Advice welcome! EDIT: Not started just yet, having a rethink on which nations. Likely to swap Mali for Kenya, Hong Kong for Uzbekistan and may swap Panama. Hoping to start before 2019!
  17. 2019 National Team Update and Season 4 Youth Candidate Day Midway through the year and Aleksander Zarkovic gained citizenship. Yet another central midfielder! My Balzers regen CB, Ronny Wechselberger was called up to the Switzerland u20's, thats quite a blow for us. A win and 2 draws isn't too bad a year. 1-1 at home to Bulgaria was a superb result and we performed really well in both games against Ireland although you wouldnt know it from the scorelines. A narrow defeat to group winners Romania (0-1) also doesn't seem a bad result with hindsight. Sandro Wieser is without a club so I am hoping he gets snapped up before he retires! Zarkovic got his first caps as Polverino is now no longer part of the setup. Our ranking continues to hover around 165-175. World Cup qualifiers and European International Leagues have been drawn and I'm quite pleased with our groups... SEASON 4 YOUTH CANDIDATE DAY To be honest I am really disappointed. I suppose after getting Hilti last year it was asking a lot to get someone of that quality again. I signed up Martin Elkuch as the best prospect. The fact that he is a left winger is great news for club and country. Season 4 finale coming soon...
  18. Season 4 / Part 2 Really pleased with the first half of the season as promotion feels like a real possibility. With only two defeats in the league so far I am actually surprised we are only 4 points clear. The 50/50 games just seem to be going our way this season. We are getting the late equalisers/winners and grinding out narrow victories when we don't play well. Vukmir is probably having his best season yet, Wechselberger and Dotte are a formidable and young central defence partnership and Ramadani is really starting to shine in central midfield. I signed naturalised Liechtensteiner, Diego Ciccone following his release from Vaduz and he has settled in nicely. Nicola Hilti at just 16 years old already has 4 league goals with mainly substitute appearances. The 6-0 win over Koniz is my biggest win as Balzers manager! If I had one complaint it would be the strikers. Slavica, Khous and Melo have just 7 league goals between them so far this season. If we do win promotion maybe I will need some new strikers! Coming next...NT update and 2020 Youth candidate day
  19. Season 4 - Europa League The first qualifying round draw was pretty kind to us as we drew against Principat of Andorra. I was expecting that we would be able to win this one. 1st Qualifying Round (1st Leg) We dominated the match away from home and perhaps should have won by an even bigger margin but were wasteful infront of goal. A goal for each of our centre halfs gave us two away goals. 1st Qualifying Round (2nd Leg) If I thought the first leg was easy then this was a walk in the park. £86k in prize money for coming through the tie which will help the bank balance and to be honest it was the easiest £86k we will ever make. For the second qualifying round we drew Trencin of Slovakia which promised to be a much tougher tie. 2nd Qualifying Round (1st Leg) I was actually pleased with this first leg. Yes we lost 1-0 but to say we were away from home against a professional outfit, I felt we performed admirably. We almost took the lead through Cariglia but they just had a bit more quality in the final third. Koniz (also of the Swiss third tier) have drawn FC Midtjylland of Denmark in the third qualifying round (their first match). 2nd Qualifying Round (2nd Leg) Going 1-0 down at home meant it was going to be almost impossible to reply with 3 goals and unfortunately we go out 2-1 on aggregate. Trencin have players earning £4.5k per week where as our top earner is on just 10% of that so we definitely did ok. In total we made around £400k from our short European adventure (prize money + gate money). 16 year old regen, Nicola Hilti scored for us which is superb for the future of Liechtenstein (although he continues to reject NT call ups with the hope of playing for Switzerland) and he is being tracked by Servette and Neuchatel Xamax. I asked for better youth facilities following the windfall. This was rejected. Koniz lost 5-0 on aggregate to FC Midtjylland.
  20. Season 4 / Part 1 Happy with those expectations, I think we will finish the season in line with that, depending on who we draw in the first qualifying round of the Europa League. Favourites for the title! Surprised to see Chiasso so far down, they must have lost alot of players in the Summer. NEW SIGNINGS They are my three main signings this summer. Bissafi Dotte - Centre half released by Monaco. I fully expect him to be a starter and a key player despite only being 20. Sultan Sabeel Musa - I needed a right back and this UAE international fits the bill. He is only 5ft 5in but he should be a good player for this level. Gerald Phiri Jr - The right winger from Malawi has been signed to try and provide some decent competition for Livio Meier. I basically offered trials to players that had no club but were in their national teams and of those that agreed, these three players were the best I could find. Coming next...our first foray into European football!
  21. Season 3 finals + Liechtenstein Cup Final Liechtenstein Cup Final Having beat the Vaduz first team in the quarter finals, I felt confident that I could beat their u21 team in the final and secure Europa League football... This team sure does love an extra time show down but WE DID IT!!! Absolutely delighted! In truth we dominated as expected and but for the woodwork would have won in normal time. The subs changed the game as Zarkovic broke the deadlock in extra time with a powerful finish and two neat stikes by Evan Melo to continue his good season followed. Melo got 6 goals in the tournament winning the golden boot. Fabio Cariglia earned himself a contract extension with his performance in the final. The club hadn't won this trophy since 1997. Now I just can't wait for season 4 because... EUROPA LEAGUE FOOTBALL NEXT SEASON!!!!! End of Season Unfortunately the double just wasn't meant to be. We did improve on last season but I do feel like we missed a great opportunity for promotion as we just fell short. Winning the Liechtenstein Cup means I am not too disappointed and the money we get from Europe should mean we can really mount a title challenge next season. As for this season, we won more matches than anyone else but were Jekyll and Hyde too many times. I ditched the 4-4-2 with 4 games to go and we seemed to improve, especially going forward. The likes of Amidi, N'Diaye, Erne and Polverino will all leave in the summer as I look to strengthen. Slavica and Melo scored 26 of our 49 league goals. Meier won player of the season although I though Vukmir deserved it more... In news from around the globe... Koniz (also of the Promotion League) will weirdly join us in the Europa League next season after they won the Swiss Cup! They beat Basel in the semi final! Basel won the Swiss title Chelsea, Barcelona, PSG, Dortmund and AC Milan won their leagues. Eschen/Mauren were 3rd in 1.Liga, Vaduz were 5th in the Challenge League. Chiasso (and therefore Daniel Kaufmann) were relegated to the Promotion League and will face us next season.
  22. 2018 National Team Update and Season 3 Youth Candidate Day! Philipp Muntwiler became the third Vaduz player to gain citizenship for Liechtenstein. With Peter Jehle retired and Benji Buchel out for 12 months, its a shame he isnt a goalkeeper! The year started badly with three poor performances and so when Burgmeier and Jehle retired and Buchel got injured for 12 months, I wasn't optimistic about our chances in the Euro league. Drawn with Latvia, Belarus and Andorra, I hoped we could get at least two wins, thinking we could beat Andorra home and away. It turned out a little different as the only team we beat was group winners Belarus away in Minsk! Had we got those two wins over Andorra, we would have been promoted! Away at Andorra, Wieser got sent off after an hour and they scored two late goals as we pushed on. The home match versus Andorra was just a miserable bore draw. Yanik Frick got his first international goal and the away win to Belarus was my first competitive win! EURO 2020 Qualifying Draw Ouch! 10 defeats expected. Anything other than that would be fantastic! SEASON 3 - YOUTH CANDIDATE DAY Far better than last year and I signed up three players! Hilti and Lampert are the two great hopes! Unfortunately they play the same position! I don't currently play with an AMC but that could change and I am keen to see how they both develop. Frick has good physical stats and if we can improve his technical abilities he could be a very good wing back for us.
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