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  1. I play in a league which allowed 3 foreign player, 2 striker and 1 center back...my 2 striker is easily Top 5 best player in the league All local player are quite poor, i play 4-4-2 formation, but what team instruction work best to make best use of my 2 striker ?
  2. Want to start new save with all England player, if possible in 2-3 season time, which team in BPL should i choose ? someone would good youth academy would be better so no need to buy so many new player
  3. those that play 3 cb but got rwb & lwb cant be consider player 3 at the back, technically rwb & lwb are defender and you actually play with 5 defender
  4. Play with Real Madrid, now 10 first games without conceding, very impressive but possesion still cannot reach more than 65% even against weak opponent Play 3cb-1dm-2cm-2winger-1am-1striker formation, Retain Possession, Work Ball Into Box, Exploit The Flanks, Play Wider, Hassle Opponents, Much Lower Tempo, Be More Disciplined
  5. I manage Barcelona just for the sake to increase my Steam achievement % (player won ballon d'or, 10 games straight score, 10 games without conceding goal, won league & cup, etc2), normally at 3rd season i become bored already I prefer to start from the team at lowest league, build my own tactic, which i prefer - 3 cb, 1 dm, 3 cm, amr aml, 1 st formation, slow tempo, keep possesion, short passing.....and if possible when the team build new stadium it will be named after me
  6. How many years it actually takes ? Never experience it before even in previous FM I want to takeover any Blue Square team without legend
  7. We have Superb, Top, Excellent and Great training facilities now, which one is the best in order ?
  8. For example a center back, instead of putting center back role as his individual training (which will improve his tackling, heading, positioning, etc) i put tackling only, will his tackling attribute improve faster since he focus on one training only ?
  9. A - Slide more to match training and put tactic only B - Slide less to match training and put tactic high intensity Which one ?
  10. So now we can only swap winger ? cannot swap striker or attacking midfielder
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