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  1. I like doing it in order to build a list of languages I can speak in-game. Only go to nations whose language I can't speak and resign pretty much as soon as I'm fluent. Not really sure what impact it has in-game being fluent in loads of languages but it 'feels' like I'm doing something to improve myself.
  2. Couldn't handle reloading anymore. Spent hours and hours trying to get Redditch, as they're my second team, but in the end settled for Halesowen Town. Pros Blue - my favourite colour Local to West Brom: my team Never managed them before Cons Not Redditch
  3. Have seen a couple of comments saying manager faces are improved. Am I the only one who thinks otherwise? Last year I generated a pretty spot on player character. This year, using the same image, I look like a fish-eyed monstrosity; eyes poking out in different directions and looking nothing like me.
  4. Miles did say on one of the livestreams that he was going to "go dark" on twitter. Guy must be working his arse off. Crunch time is real.
  5. Alright chaps, been taking this slow, still only on July 1st, trying to find players. My issue is, every player i enter negotiations with wants around £1k a week. This is utterly ridiculous, I'm talking about players on free transfers who've just been released from a club in the unplayable non-leagues. Any advice? I can't sign a single player.
  6. After an absolutely inexplicable amount of time trying to get Redditch United (my second team) promoted, I finally did it!
  7. You can get a refund through Steam if you aren't happy with the product, provided you have under 2 hours played on it. I am totally against pre-order culture, but this is the one game that I will pre-order every year - until SI hurt me, that is Also, late September? Uggghhh. Over a month to wait for news and only 2 episodes of Game of Thrones left, gonna have to find something else to fill this void...
  8. You can change the name of a stadium by creating an lnc file. Follow the guide quoted below. I always change my new stadium's names this way. Usually I look at a map and choose a park in the local area.
  9. This post has really helped me. I too have transitioned from 4-3-2-1 to 4-2-3-1, changing the DM to an AM. However, I was struggling to replicate what i wanted in my head into practical terms on the pitch. You're playing exactly the same way I want to. Fast, aggressive short passing football with a goal-scoring striker and attacking full-backs. I've made a couple of adjustments that better suit my team (no sweeper keeper, one central defender and ball-playing defender, and wing-backs instead of complete wing-backs). I'm also more fond of playing on fluid and being less restrictive with creative freedom. I do feel however that the AM is an important position and I've been unhappy with how mine are performing. Neither of them are naturals in the position though, maybe that is the case. They are also both young (18 & 21) and need time to improve. In any case, I feel like you've given me a good base with some of your ideas and feel comfortable expanding on them to get the most out of my own crop of players. So thanks, and congrats on your unbeaten season.
  10. It means Pogba will be paid 86 million pounds over the duration of his contract. 52 x 5 (weeks in a year x number of years) = 260 (number of weeks contract will last) 86,000,000 / 260 = 330,770. He's on roughly £330,000 per week. This is very rough, as it assumes that the contract length is exactly 5 years.
  11. I'm going to give this a go, taking control of Redditch United. I have a long history with this club having lived in Redditch for a few years as a teenager. Since then I've always had a fondness for them and consider them my second team. Not used to this difficulty in finding players though. Scouts are horribly inaccurate and seems like I need to sign half a team. If anyone has any techniques on finding players in the Vanarama North (not naming players) I'd appreciate it.
  12. Maximised Borderless Windowed mode - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU <3
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow members of the Football Manager community, I come before you today to beg forgiveness and to admit my wrongdoing throughout most of my FM history. I am a cheater. I am not proud of this and have taken steps to reform myself, but the task is monumental and I ask for any advice that can be shared that will help my rehabilitation. My crimes are as follows; - Saving before every match - Saving before every player interaction - Saving before board requests - Use of in-game editor to change PA/contracts - Editing of staff to make them inhumanly good - Use of downloaded tactics - Use of external scouting software to find players I am sure that there are others, but these are the worst of my crimes. To add some context, I have just taken Shrewsbury from League 2 relegation troubles (after a stint with Redditch in the conference leagues) to Champions League and Premiership title. Pretty standard stuff for FM, but it's been done on the back of foul play. My top scorer? Found with a cheating tool. My star winger? Edited him to have 20 professionalism. It got to the stage where I was clicking continue, clicking play and just watching the game play itself with the downloaded tactic. I wasn't having fun. My last transfer window I didn't buy anyone, because I knew my team was full of players who would end up being world-beaters. So, what have I done? I left. Resigned mid-season and took over my team, West Brom. Having just been relegated from the Premiership they were bottom of the Championship after 9 games. However, I'm starting from scratch. No save scumming. No editing. No scout software. No downloaded tactics. I just lost 2-3 in a game I dominated and hit the woodwork 3 times. I would have alt+F4'd before, but I've taken it like a man and i'll try and understand why I lost, even if it was just bad luck. So, I guess I'm asking if anyone else has gone through a similar process? It honestly feels a bit like an addiction, as pathetic as that sounds, and I'm just looking for a bit of advice. Also some tips or a link to some info on scouting would be great, as I didn't use the scouting system and I need some players.
  14. This is why this game NEEDS borderless windowed mode. I cry every time I look for it in the preferences at release. It's basic pc game functionality, in my opinion.
  15. Right, that makes perfect sense. Cheers Won't be scheduling extra time from now on then!
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