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  1. yandell44

    Attack - Right - Throw-in - DCR position

    Hi Craiigman, this is now logged and under review. I've found the same instances across all attacking set pieces, when switching from left to right sides it flips the player positions hence rb at lb in your 2nd photo. What is reflect on the tactics board will happen in the game so whilst this is being fixed you will have to manually change your defensive positions.
  2. yandell44

    Former club bug

    Thanks gauge100_taylor, this is now under review.
  3. yandell44

    Colour clash

    Thanks for this Bromley Raven, it's now logged and under review.
  4. yandell44

    Can't Select Youth Team Captains

    Hey rc1269, this feature is intention , only the manager of a team (including U23/U18's) can select the captains. If you have any real life examples were a first team manager has set captaincy through the res/youth please send it my way as I could put in a request for it to be reflected in the game.
  5. Thanks Deano565, I can replicate (albeit with 125% zoom, this matches your image). Currently being reviewed.
  6. yandell44

    Panel too small

    Hi John, looking into this now. Just to clarify what have you got set for the size of your text & images?
  7. yandell44

    Can't Select Youth Team Captains

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's now being reviewed.
  8. yandell44

    I am not able to make Ramos my captain.

    Still currently being reviewed, once a fix is in place I'll update this thread. Apologies for the wait and I can understand the frustration with this issue.
  9. yandell44

    Personalised tactics

    Thanks Jasonick, this is now under review.
  10. Thanks Callamity, this is now under review.
  11. yandell44

    Training Schedule for coming weeks

    Thanks both. This has been restored, will be in the next update.
  12. yandell44

    Biography dates incorrect

    Thanks Macca2oo7. This is now under review.
  13. yandell44

    I am not able to make Ramos my captain.

    Hey all, this is currently under review.
  14. Hi Deano565, Haven't be able to reproduce the issue. Do you change any preference options other than the skin type, zoom etc? Could you upload a screenshot please. Thanks.