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  1. Sorry guys but I have to warm this topic up. Yes I have seen the briefing option in the Match Preview session, but when I click on it I always get this message: "This is not a suitable time for a match briefing". Problem is, this is the only time this briefing option appears, therefore there's never a suitable time. Of course I set it to do it myself. I'm quite sure there's somewhere a setting I haven't seen so please help. Thank you!
  2. Change Owners status is only possible with a third party editor
  3. The answer to your last question is definitely yes, it has a huge impact in my file that I have started before the update
  4. You have to go to your "Home" first, than you can edit your reputation.
  5. As soon as you have started with a manager, the answer is no with one exception: you can change your reputation in "Edith Staff Details".
  6. DoF only carrying out the instructions by the Chairman, that is very interesting. I have a question to it: as it known, the patience rating from 1 (very impatient) to 20 (very patient) is very important for the likeliness to be sacked or not. So let's say if the DoF is set as the person who hires/fires the mananger in the staff responsibilities and the Chairman has a patience rating of 20 and the DoF of 1, the job is still quite safe with a bad run of results because the final decision is still by the Chairman who is very patient?
  7. There's a field called "fixture rules index", and it had the entry "21" in the competitions I created. I checked the file I have used for the same competition in FM14, and there was a "2" in this field, I changed the related entries in my file to 2 and there you are, it works now. Thanks again for your help!
  8. After checking the advanced rules, I have to ask again. Where can I find the squad selection dates? Under "competition", I could only find the league setup date and the Date Range of the fixtures and there are already entries. What kind of requierements do you mean and where can I find them? Thanks again.
  9. No, I didn't. That means if I add this data than it will work? I will test it, thank you very much so far.
  10. I created a lower league and want to use squad numbers in there. Obviously, simply clicking on "uses squad numbers" in the competition in the advanced rules does not work. My search here in this forum was unsuccessful, therefore I ask if somebody can give me an advice, which would be much appreciated. Thank you for your help!
  11. I'm not sure about background pictures this time (in FM14): please have a look at the "Skins"-Section in "Preferences", the option where you can enable your own background pictures is gone. Maybe there will be a change for the final release, I really hope so. Background pictures are a important part for me in the game.
  12. In FM13 it is different. Go to the club with the caretaker manager, section staff and players, responsibilties, set team selection (first team) and choose caretaker (the last item in the scroll down list). In the field of the person insert the name of the caretaker. It works, I tried it with a few teams in Germany, the tendency of the club to hire the manager permanently seems to be high from what I saw so far.
  13. At some clubs (Luton Town for instance), I noticed that the DoF has the responsibility of hire and fire the manager. Out of curiosity I took Luton Town over and found out, that I cannot change this setting, but I also can set the responsibility to hire and fire the DoF. This is quite strange, if things aren't going well at the club, is it a question of who is quicker with firing the other one, the DoF or the Manager?
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