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  1. I’ve noticed in the last 2 years of FM that you constantly get drawn against City, Arsenal Liverpool or United 3rd or 4th round. There seems to be no randomness about the draws. Very rare you draw a team from a lower league. Is this a bug?
  2. Ive had a french and dutch signing not being able to get a work permit, also 2 loan signings ive currently got in my squad from spain now also have no work permit from january 1st in 2021. Surely this is a error?
  3. Hi previously there was a feature of clicking on a player you were intrested in, go to put a bid in, there was a statement across the top from their agent saying if you had a chance of signign them. Found this really useful as i signed alot of players my scouts said wouldnt be interested in This feature seems to have disapeared, is there any way to get this back or have we lost it for good?
  4. Just wondering what everyones stance is when you seem to get the whole squad asking for new contracts within a few months. Do you give into their demands and offer slightly better terms or refuse and give your reasons when the squad question you and become unhappy?
  5. I’m in 2022 and don’t have any matches atall through mid November until start of January. Is this the game predicting the premier league will have a winter break in the future or a mess up with my save?
  6. Yeah I’m majorly anti agent. I will make sure I give them as little as possible with the red padlock.
  7. This man is just incredible on FM19 for my leeds save. Anyone had the same joy?
  8. I have an unhealthy obsession with signing an ageing Falcao. Have him with Leeds at the moment in 2021!
  9. Ahh yes if thats the case then its a bug, ive never encoutered it though.
  10. I don’t actually think it’s a bug. If you are over achieving and the teams around you are paying their players higher contracts and you are considered a well off club, if you cave in to one players demand then expect others to come knocking on your door. I think this is actually realistic. Just don’t cave in.
  11. Hi just wondering has anyone got any habits on FM that they do which is either strange or slightly annoying which they don’t think anyone else will do 😂 for example I go on holiday every day between games. To save myself pressing space, is this totally norm? also always give players one warning if they get 6.0 rating followed by a 1/2 week fine if it happens again. Is this really harsh? And how does everyone play their match engine? 2d classic, no replays, key events only, everything turned to the highest for me....
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