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  1. On the Set-Transfer Options screen, there are options radio-selectors for accept/reject all bids etc but there isnt a way of controlling bids involving exchanges, also the only loan option is too restrictive as it restricts other options you may prefer to select rather than use the single-choice selectors currently in place, would it be possible for them to be changed into check-boxes (active for ticked, inactive for unticked) with some additional options new options: Accept all Exchange Bids Accept all Loan Offers involving Future Fees
  2. tbh i seriously doubt SI will ever give you this a league editor would give the game too much "longterm" attractiveness to a player, SI's business model is based around releasing a patch/dataupdate every 12 months and charging you lots of money for it. SI will get around to adding new league structures eventually, but they need to resolve the various national FA's licensing issues first, along with reliable AND accurate data for those nations.
  3. I'd like to see a "Use xyz formation" in the instruction options for going on holiday, with the standard formations available in a drop-down menu. This would be a half-way house between the unspecified default 442 and the 'Use current Tactic' presently available.
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