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  1. I'm going to give this a wee go. I've been getting battered after a dominant pre-season using the tactic I created in my thread a few threads below this one (my first one ever lol). That will teach me to be so gungho!
  2. Epic post - thank you! I'm a complete noob at designing my own tactics so will take all this on board and hopefully learn from it. I have an idea of the way I'd like to play - attacking, fluid, high pressure etc - entertaining ala the spurs of old!
  3. Ok so I won my next game 5-2! Clearly no issues on the goalscoring, however still conceding and the opponents had a lot of shots, so I'm switching Dembele to ball winning midfield with a defend duty to see if that has any effect
  4. Hence why I conceded 3 against my reserves I guess?! Maybe I'll look to bring in a holding midfielder instead of Paulinho I'll give it a few more friendlies
  5. Hi, I've created my first ever tactic on football manager, so please be gentle lol. Just wanted to get your thoughts on the following as I am 100% inexperienced at making my own. I'm managing Tottenham and have set up with a 4-2-3-1 formation Gk - Lloris - Sweeper Keeper FB - Walker (when fit) - Right Attack CB - Vertonghen - Ball Playing Defender - CB - Fazio - Central Defender - Cover FB - Rose - Left/Defend CMR - Paulinho - Box to Box - Support CML - Dembele - Ball Winning - Support AMR - Lennon - Winger Right Attack AMC - Eriksen - Advanced Playmaker - Centre Attack AML - Lamela - Adv Playmaker - Left Attack S - Soldado - Adanced Forward - Centre Attack Standard mentality Fluid Team Instructions: Retain passing Short Passing Pass into space Clear balls to flanks Whipped crosses Run at Defence Exploit Flanks Look for overlap Play Wider Much higher defensive line Close down more Stay on feet Higher Tempo If you need a screenie, let me know. Any thoughts appreciated
  6. I am currently Schalke and used this tactic - played 8 league games won 6 drawn 1 lost 1 (lost to Bayern 1-0 so I wasn't unhappy). Loving life so far. Tactic didnt suit my star player, Draxler, however, so I made the sad decision to sell him to raise funds for more suitable players
  7. I'm going to give this a go and will let you know how I get on Fed up of lurking - time for me to contribute
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