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  1. Any reason why the german national team is all greyed out on 19.3.4? I just checked and I swear previous updates had it?
  2. I set up my game with a large database playing as an English team and all 6 leagues active. When I search for players, even after 20 or 30 games, their stats show as only playing a handful of games. For example, I want a new striker in the Jan window and click on a player who hasn't been injured and should have played all games and only has stats as player 10 scored 4, or something low like that. I tried this theory on a wide range of players and they don't have full playing stats for the current season, only lesser ones. Like Ronaldo after 30 games shouldn't have only played 7 games without ever being injured. Is this a bug? Or is this because that league isn't active? Either way there should be stats or how would you know if they are good enough?
  3. as in question. there was no button to do it for some reason and was a known issue.
  4. Has the bug of not being able to undo a substitution at half time been fixed?
  5. Is there an exact number of people in the crowd as per attendance? Im guessing not but what I have noticed for away attendance especially for smaller games, even if there are only 150 away fans, it looks like easily over 500.??
  6. I am going to wait until the winter update to play again as there seems to be so many problems I have found. Away kits being played at home Kit clashes Both teams playing in same shorts So many times a goal has been scored about 20 seconds after 2nd half kick off Goalkeeper carrying the ball over the line when he catches it but no corner given Kick off - player does some weird kick through his legs or something strange instead of him looking like he simply passes the ball to his teammate I noticed every week bar I think 1 or 2 that FOUR or more goals are scored by at least one team in the division Crowd out of sync Crowd will cheer loud for away team even if they only have a few hundred fans - should be different level of noise in the distance based on attendance You can win 10 games in a row by 5 or 6 goals then all of a sudden go on a losing streak and not score for a few games - should not be like that surely? Even when brightness is turned on high, pitch sometimes looks dark ANYONE ELSE HAD OR NOTICED THESE?
  7. Also the seats in the stadium need changing to red.
  8. Also to sign him you need at least 30 million - seems excessive for an SPL player for Aberdeen.
  9. Jamie Walker in the game is blonde. It needs changing to his actual hair colour.
  10. Jamie Walker in the game is blonde. It needs changing to his actual hair colour.
  11. Matty Cash and Ryan Yates in the game both have the wrong height. Can't remember what it is in the game but here is the correct ones for you to change and check against the ones you put in. https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/teams/first-team/midfielder/matthew-cash/ https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/teams/first-team/midfielder/ryan-yates/
  12. West Brom first game of the season play in their 3rd kit at home against Bolton who are also in their home kit. Seems rather strange and looking in to. Don't have a screenshot or save to share but just start a new game with WBA and you will see it. Also a few games later at home to QPR, both teams play in their home kit which is very confusing to know who is who???
  13. Jonathan Leko is 6"0 (183cm), not 6"2 like he is in the game. https://www.wba.co.uk/teams/senior/midfielder/jonathan-leko/
  14. how do you change it to full time on the editor for the scouts?
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