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  1. Good to see the thread up! Well done! I need to restart my Spurs game with first window transfer budgets off. In my first go, Man U bid $30 mil+ for Kane, Lamela, Vertonghen, and Bentaleb, leaving them all angry with me after refusing to guarantee we would win the league in the first year. The only signing I made was Moussa Dembele from Fulham, who turned out to be a pretty great player while Kane was training with the kids at the start of the season. When I restart, my lineup will likely be: GK - SK/A - Lloris / Vorm DR - FB/A - Walker / Trippier DC - CB/D - Toby / Fazio DC - CB/D - Vertoghen / Wimmer DL - FB/A - Rose / Davies DM - DM/D - Dier / Bentaleb CM - CM/S - Dembele / Mason AMR - IF/S - Lamela / Townsend AMC - AP/A - Eriksen / Alli AML - IF/A - Chadli / Son ST - CF/S - Kane / N'Jie
  2. I've been playing him in Europa League in my first season and he's been excellent. Through 4 games, he has 5 assists and a 7.9 average rating. I've wanted to give him a runout in the Premier League, but Ericksen has been even better so far in the season.
  3. Ah man, still 5 1/2 hours of work left for me. Gonna be the longest day ever.
  4. It says that for everyone regardless of when they ordered. GMG hasn't received word to release the keys to customers yet. I had the same thing with my pre-order of the new Civilization until pre-loading started. Then it showed the key.
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