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    Nottm Forest & Aldershot fan - English, but exiled in Ireland at the mo\'
  1. Scouts are Terrible

    I quite agree! As I said in a below post, I'm fed up with my scouts repeatedly highly recommending a bunch of useless players in their late 20's (well 3 or 4 of them), because they may have a high PA rating, despite having absolutely no chance of reaching that potential. As snootyjim says, although I can only scout in Sweden, you would have thought my scouts would be able to scout more than the same 2 or 3 teams repeatedly - If I see another yet useless Mellerud player being recommended, I think I'll do something painful to said scout.
  2. Sorry to hijack this thread slightly, but it's (I think) vaguely relevant. Why do my scouts (JCA17 JPA18), scouting in the lower divisions in Sweden, think useless 28 and 29 year old players are going to turn into world-beaters in the future? The amount of players wildly recommended by these scouts with 5 white or 1 yellow star current ability rating, but with a 'potential' rating of 5 or 6 yellow stars, despite being in their late 20's is amazing! PS. Playing FM2008 -waiting for FM12! Rant over...
  3. 1982/83ish - "Champions!" by Peaksoft on the Dragon 32. By modern standards it was carp,with about 20 teams on it, but you still can't beat the 'beep' noises and text informing you that your fans had rioted and you were fined £2000 odd....
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us I like the way my season tickets have 'soared' from 16 to 18!
  5. I took Ljungby from the Swedish 4th division (second division) to the premier league (Allsvenskan). I couldn't push on any more than comfortable mid-table there, so upped-sticks and moved to Swansea.
  6. Funny Name Thread

    I always thought the ex-Swindon Town player Danny Invincible had a great name! Imagine "Mr & Mrs Invincible, you have a baby son!" Think he's playing in Scotland now...
  7. As an Aldershot fan, I think we should have broken Tevez's leg in the first couple of minutes of so! It's not a good evening for me - my lousy Swedish fourth division side (Svartvik) has just lost 10-0 in the game too!
  8. how old are you??

    Anyone remember 'Champions!' for the Dragon 32? What a great game! Also had the original Football Manager for the Amstrad CPC 464 and the Domark Championship Manager for the Amiga. Ps. I'm 40 and still playing away - taking the mighty Basingstoke Town to fame and glory (well, league 2 anyway...)
  9. I'm 40 and have been playing since the first CM came out on the Amiga. Before that, I played the original Football Manager on the Amstrad CPC464! and before that, spent hours playing Champions! (anyone remember that?) on the Dragon 32 back in the day...)
  10. I'm in 2031 in my 2 year old FM08 save. Barcelona got relegated in 2016 and have since become a mid-table 2nd division side
  11. -uefa-

    Dear oh dear, I was thinking of turkeys as in the bird, Xmas dinner and all that... Some people are a bit over sensitive on here - s'pose all jokes have to be explained when posted, as there's always someone who'll get the wrong end of the stick..
  12. -uefa-

    No, just human ones do.
  13. Somewhat apt at the moment, but Postponements!! There are never any - particularly the mass ones seen at the moment...
  14. Why would you want the Papua New Guinean 2nd division in there anyway? What next, the Nauruan league or something??
  15. Currently in 2021 in my FM08 save. Started with Visby Gute in the Swedish 3rd division - got sacked by them after a year and relegation. Kenty in the Swedish 4th div. took me on, unfortunately just before they got relegated out of the league! I then took on another carp Swedish team in Ljungby. In 7 years I took them from the Swedish 4th div (2MG). to the lower-middle reaches of the Premier league (Superettan), and a new stadium. Swansea came in for me, and I helped lift them out of League 2 in my year in charge until HSV Hamburg, then in trouble in Bundesliga 3, approached me in 2016. Over the course of 4 and a half years, I lifted them back into the Bundesliga, but couldn't break into the Champions League positions by the time A.C. Milan approached. Only a few months into the job, but it's lovely to have so much money and general resources to play with!! The expectations of the board might be something new to deal with tough...