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  1. So this is the main tactic i use (I do have two others but use them against much weaker/stronger opposition), i don't use any team/player instructions just cause i suck at tactics so try and keep it simple. At the start of the season it was working perfectly i was near the top of the table and generally it worked as intended which was getting the wingers in behind the full backs who crossed the ball in. I wasn't scoring many goals which i think had more to do with my players not taking their chances as we were getting the ball in dangerous positions and i also had the best defence in the league. The biggest problem im getting is the offsides. So. Many. Offsides. I can easily get 2/3 times as many as the opposition. Im not sure if something in my tactics is causing this or my players positioning but i think if i can sort that out i could sort the scoring out. Other thing is that as you can see my from results my form has gone to pot. I accept that we weren't gonna keep that unbeaten run going forever but to go from 7 unbeaten to 4 loses on a row. Either my tactic had a major flaw that was being covered up or something else. Anyway any advice/suggestions would be helpful as im stumped.
  2. Have you tried signing players from the lower leagues in the other Nordic/Scandinavian maybe they'll be a bit more likely to join since they're in the same region
  3. Maybe a solution would be on the player profiles to have a tab to goto the compare player screen but instead of comparing different players having the option to compare the same player to what his stats were 1 month ago, 3 months ago, 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago and 10 years ago. That way you have a side by side comparison on every attribute.
  4. Im playing in the second tier in Iceland so they're aren't brilliant but they are natural in the position and have decent attributes on the ones that are highlighted. Ill set up a new tactic though, keeping them as wingbacks and moving them back in line with the centerbacks and see if that works.
  5. So ive been trying the recommendations above but hasn't seemed to work Tried experimenting a bit by moving one of the CM to DM (support) with a HB or just changing the DM to a HB plus a few other things but im still struggling. (This is over the last 6 months in game) On paper the tactic looks logical to me after reading alot of stuff here but im still struggling to get it to click as im giving away to many goals although i do create enough chances. So the bottom line is that if i can tighten up at the back ill have a decent tactic i feel but theirs just a gap in my knowledge that i means i can't get my head around it. The problem i think is that the oppositions wide men are getting in behind my wingbacks pretty easy, ive got back and looked at the goals ive conceded in my last few games and about half are starting from that. It seems as though my wingacks when defending are cutting in and losing width which i don't understand as going forward they pretty much hug the line. As i said before im not sure if the formation itself is flawed, i what to play quick counter attacking football my team arn't the best in the league but are the second quickest in the league so wanna take advantage of that. Over the last 3 FMs ive given up very easily as i get bored trying to get tactics to work but im determined to get this to work this time as i wanna enjoy FM like i used to so any other recommendations would be extremely helpful as im getting very close to throwing in the towel with FM.
  6. Just looking at my tactics faced page and the two tactics i have faced the most are: 4-2-3-1 - 13 Games - GF 20 GA 8 4-4-2 - 13 Games - GF 25 GA 22 So that could be the problem next time i face two strikers i set my DM to a HB and see how that does thanks
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/view/t2bcfakwtxssxbw/Attack.png - Attacking version http://www.mediafire.com/view/6dn654dizapaar5/defend.png - Defending Version http://www.mediafire.com/view/ti2xvik1hidd9qt/standard.png - Standard Version So im currently playing in the Icelandic second tier and started off with the aim of using this formation after reading the guides and threads here. My main aim is for it to be a 5-3-2 when defending and when attacking varying on the above tactics so attacking being a 2-1-4-3 with the wingbacks attacking, when defending 3-4-1-2 with the wingbacks being more conservative and the standard tactic being a 2-2-3-1-2. It has been pretty successful so far as i went into the season being tipped for relegation but im currently fighting for promotion in the last few games of the season all though ive been struggling since the patch was released. My main style of play im trying to implement is counter attacking with a solid 5 at the back when defending but as soon as we get the ball the wingbacks get forward and we overwhelm them in numbers. I mainly use the standard tactic at the start of the match and gauge how we do which 9/10 times is fine but sometimes i change to the attacking or defending tactic if i feel we are the better or worse team. The problem im getting is that my attack has been great being the top scorers in the league but my defense has been ok at best. Pretty much every game ive been riding my luck in turns of having alot of shots against me and im struggling to find a solution as if my luck isn't in i usually end up losing. What im asking is if their is like a fundamental flaw in my formation or player roles thats not allowing me to be be defensively stable and restricting the other team to minimal shots on goal? If you need any more info to help me out let me know
  8. Well ive made the following changes * Switched both CB to Limited CB - i think they were trying to pass it about and with terrible passing skills kept giving it away. * Switched Advanced Forward to Poacher - When i got the ball in advanced positions i found i didn't have anyone on the shoulder of defenders and didn't have many options * Switched Short Passing to Direct Passing - Gone from playing lots of short passing and getting dispossessed to a bit of hoof ball towards the strikers. Seems to be working ok but has a habit of coming back quickly at me. * Set my Right wide midfielder to attacking to provide more numbers when attacking Before changes P7 W1 D4 L2 GF6 GA6 After Changes P3 W2 D1 L0 GF6 GA5 Seem to be scoring more but conceding more as well. The goals conceded were 2 Crosses, 2 Through Ball/Over the Top, 1 Mistake by Keeper However alot of the shots against me are coming from Through Balls/Over the Top and then they shoot or play it square. Would it best to set my two CB's to cover and Stopper to try and prevent the through balls going through or to sit a bit deeper or something else completely?
  9. Thanks i shall try that now, i guess i know what i want to do but its hard trying to translate that into the game Ive had a look at some of those links in the pass but ill go back through and try and get refreshed on them
  10. I have been having trouble over the last two FM's with tactics, ive never been good at them so i always stick to basic formations mainly 4-4-2. Anyhow below is what ive come up with im in New Zealand so obviously the quality of players ain't great but compared to the rest of the league i have a decent squad. However despite that im getting dominated with possession like 35-65, lots of shots but not many CCC mainly long shots and generally conceding stupid goals. I don't expect to be winning every game but considering im one of the better teams in the league i expect to be winning my fair share. Now ive got the 3rd most aggressive and 2nd strongest team in the league so set up closing down often and out passing overall is pretty bad so put shorter passing so we don't try stuff we can't do. I haven't set any individual instructions up as im wanted to get a good overall tactic before tweaking it a bit later. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/8a75/zil1pc3l51967d5fg.jpg <- link to image if it doesn't show Any help would be welcome as im getting really frustrated with it XD
  11. Anyone got any tips at all its kinda hit and miss at the moment when doing it and after testing 20 season half the clubs are in a insecure/admin situation. Ive added prize money to all competitions, season ticket prices and ticket prices but it doesn't make much of a difference. I just wanna make sure my leagues are playable in the long term
  12. Ive been making database for a few years now but have always struggled getting a balanced finance system so teams don't end up in massive debt. Im currently making a Saudi Arabia database and holidayed to 2026 and ive got 50 teams over 3 leagues and over half of them are in a insecure position with quite a big majority of those having no value and have a large loan. I was just wondering what other peoples processes are when ensuring the finances of your database work and are playable? Has anyone got any tips they can give on getting the finances balanced please :>
  13. Ive created a database with some of the lower leagues in Australia by just adding lower leagues. It all runs and works fine but my only problem is that when you offer any player a contract it needs to include a minimum release clause? Obviously because most of the teams are part-time and you can't offer minimum release clauses for them it prevents you from signing any players. Can anyone think of a reason for this as ive ran out of ideas.
  14. Im just about to play a game where my strikers are alot quicker than my opponent defenders but im not 100% sure how to take advantage of this. I was thinking playing deeper and drawing them out then hitting them on the break to get in behind them. Is this the best way to do it? I play a flat 4-4-2 with a few adjustments which has worked great for me this season winning 10 out of 11 so far. Since ive got a good base i wanna start tweaking it before matches to get the most out of any advantages or cover any disadvantages i have
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