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  1. I'm a bit wary of certain other sites so tend to buy straight from Steam.
  2. Don't you already pay £30-35 for the game?
  3. Just because a player doesn't have a certain position as one of his preferred positions does not mean that he can't play there. My best central midfielder was originally just a MR, I didn't wait until he had retrained as a CM. I think sometimes people think they have to rigidly stick to the information shown on FM. Take Gareth Bale for (an extreme) example. If you're talking in FM terms, early in his career he would have been a DL/WBL/ML maybe AML. He quite obviously has the ability to play a free role across the middle behind a striker, hell he could probably even play as a striker himself! It's more about "does he have the attributes to play this position/take on the duties I want him to have" rather than trying to accomodate them simply based on what position they are 'natural' or 'competent' in.
  4. I tend to find that I get carried away with the team that I'm at that I forget all about applying for other jobs and I can get a surprise of an invite to interview, just had that as manager of Groningen being offered the Liverpool job.
  5. That was my thinking, so I checked any attributes I thought would be relevant: Heading, Positioning, Composurr, Decisions, Jumping Reach, maybe even Marking - nothing stood out as alarmingly deficient in those categories. I'm at a loss to explain it now after a lot of tinkering and no positive difference.
  6. My issue isn't with too many crosses coming in. The issue is with the defenders lack of challenging for the ball when it does come in
  7. I've been taking bits and pieces from that blog actually RT, without wanting to just entirely replicate someone else's style/tactic. I found that using a halfback pushing my two CDs just too wide leaving a lot of room for attacks through the middle.
  8. Thanks! To be quite honest I've had saves in previous games where I've won Champions Leagues and World Cups and just generally become the best manager in the world but I have to say I think I've enjoyed this save more than any "successful" save I've ever had!
  9. Cheers for the replies. I know that playing wide players in midfield would help cut down the number of crosses put in, this would help a bit but it wouldn't really solve this issue of how poorly we defend against crosses when they do come in. I'm somewhat reluctant to change my shape as it's fairly effective going forward and I'm not sure that's something I'd want to tinker with.
  10. Apologies for reviving an old thread but thought it might give a bit of insight into this topic to explain how things have progressed. I left Glentoran of my own accord at the end of my 9th or 10th season and was then offered the Hyde FC job. In my second season at Hyde I won the Skrill North and midway into my season in Skrill Prem (sitting just above the relegation spots) I was offered the Cowdenbeath job in Scottish League Two. I spent 7 seasons at Cowdenbeath winning successive league titles to get to Scottish Championship. in 3 or 4 seasons in the Championship we were 'nearly men', narrowly missing the playoff spots every season, I was then offered the Millwall job in League One at the end of the season. During my time at Cowdenbeath I took up the Bulgaria job. I steered Millwall from relegation contenders to a top half team. I left in January of my second season for Championship Birmingham - at that time a team who who mid-top half contenders. We missed out on play offs and finished mid table in that season. The following season things went wrong and we were flirting with the relegation spots - i ended up being sacked in March of that year. I decided not to apply for any club jobs until after the European Championships after guiding Bulgaria to a shock qualification as group winners. As it turned out we bombed out in the finals losing all 3 group games. I resigned from Bulgaria following that and was given the Millwall job for a second time. Currently in January and battling for a promotion place. Far from a "successful" career but it's been an enjoyable one and shows you can progress from NI, a better manager would probably have moved far sooner and probably at a Premiership club by now!
  11. Second Striker - Enganche - Second Striker CM(d) - CM(a) I'm tinkering with a 'strikerless' formation. It does seem fairly effective going forward.
  12. Sorry, not sure how I forgot about that. Counter and Fluid
  13. I seem to be conceding an absurd amount of goals from crosses, it's happened at all the clubs I've been at so clearly there must be some issue with how I've set up. Out of 61 goals conceded 16 have been from the right wing and 21 from the left wing. I'm currently playing 4 at the back with an Anchor man ahead of them. A(D) FB(Auto) CD(d) CD(d) FB(Auto) TIs affecting defence are: Stand off opponents, stay on feet, tighter marking, drop deeper and stay wider. The anchor man has: Close Down more and Mark Tighter set as PIs. I've noticed from the 3D viewer that the two CDs don't even seem to jump and challenge for the header when crosses come in. I was thinking possibly that stand off opponents and tighter marking might conflict but the players are clearly in a position to challenge the cross coming in. Any help is much appreciated, let me know if any other info would be helpful!
  14. Also possibly a low composure rating? I've really noticed how important it is to have a striker with decent composure !
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