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  1. How are people playing Rondon ? was gonna sign him for £10m / start a Malaga save.
  2. what you guys think ? how could i improve / who to sign ? im focusing on good staff and building a good youth and reserves as well as upgrading my facilities.
  3. ok thanks, i have a game loaded now with a few players loaded myself, i will post a screenshot shortly .
  4. having a fun time in charge of Everton - my first save since buying the game yesterday. In my first season i finished fourth , and just finished second season there where i finished 5th. I will post SS of my transfers ( this has been key to my respectable position ) once my steam network has sorted itself out. As have been my tactics which il also post up. Everton is such a challenge because they have little money even with my "success" my transfer budget remains around the £4m mark , however i am getting most of the money i make on selling players.
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