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  1. Another thing is, Every week the manager should hold a coaches briefing, He should tell his coaches the tactics for the next match, so they can work towards that game. No good saying 5 at the back minutes before the K o , when nobodies covered 5 at the back in training. Also the team squad should be picked the night before the game. Especially for away games. If you get withdrawals after that, you cant get a replacement in time from miles away. Players can get injured in the warm up, remember Everton a few years ago, losing two goalkeepers, on the morning of the match, one in the warm up. Ass Managers are taliking all the time during the match, his dialogue should be shown like ticker tape down the side of the screen. Substitutes, It shouldn't take all day to get your subs on. I have had to wait 5 minutes to replace a player, during which time, the ops have made two subs, and scored a goal, not on program makers, If the ops can sub so should I sort it out.
  2. I know why players reload, I know you have to save for genuine reasons, all Iam saying is, that in the save there should be penalties built in for over doing it. Especially at vital times. Winning 5 champions leagues in succession, must have reloads, in my view.
  3. Again I noticed somebody has won 5 champions league titles 5 years on the trot. Now he may be the greatest player imaginable. I too have won things on the bounce. But its only done by reloading, a saved game , when you get a bad result. Can you not put something into the program to stop over use of the reload. Maybe no reloads of cup finals , or vital play off games. We need something to stop reloading.
  4. You can say unsatisfactory. i.e. The board find the standard of your performance unsatisfactory. You can say the board are dissatisfied with your performance, But you can't say , The board are unsatisfied etc. Every year when I get this game, I see unsatisfied, I think surely, next year they will change it. But it goes on and on. i e dissatisfied Another thing is saying a player has a damaged head. Why cant you say, He sustained an injury to his head. Also I get fed up with training injurioes, when they occur on Christmas day, or the Sunday after a match. Can we have a bit of reality here. Assistant managers that tell you the same thing , week in week out. Tellinh one about an unhappy player. Do they have to repeat themselves. Can you not make finance available, immediately a team is promoted. Not wait till July first. These are things that have gone on for years. Also this game is supposed to be about Managers. But it gives little credit for past performance. e G I took Dresden out of the German minor league to the Champions league in 4 seasons. I was sacked the following season, for dropping down the league. In real life they would have built a statue to me in Dresden town centre. Also When I was manager of Milan, the ground capacity was increased, but when I played Inter away it mysteriously shrank again. Also can you explain when you are the manager of a team in the lower leagues, and you get promoted to the top flight. It counts for nothing, you are lucky to get a job at Torquay. Having played in the Champions League. Can we get these things sorted in the next version Gripe over
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