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  1. The in-game editor by SI doesn't allow you to edit the retirement date
  2. Is there any in-game editor which lets you to amend the retirement date of a player?
  3. haven't tried it yet after the 16.03 update. I will turn off Power Nap and post back Meanwhile before the update I had the same problem with the power nap off, since my setting for battery has Power Nap off
  4. I am still having the same problem that I had prior to the last update, where with FM running when my Macbook Pro (2015 with Retina) goes to Sleep, it completely freezes and only the cursor comes up on a blue screen and will have to reboot. Unfortunately the last time it did it, once I tried to re-open FM and reload my last saved game which was saved on the Cloud, it didn't open it and instead it took me to the Load Game screen with no Saved game to be found.
  5. I just ordered from CDKeyGo.com ... Anyone knows how long it will take to receive the key?
  6. Thanks a lot for the offer. I guess we will get the key on the day that the game is out right? Regards and thanks again
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