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  1. Is it possible to send the link? Couldn't find on the opening page !!! Sorry to bother !!!!
  2. Hi Knap! Playing with RB Leipzig and I'm using 19.3.4 424. But My defence is not good. Average 2 goals per game. Do you have any Tactic suggestion for me ? Thanks !
  3. Starting to use your tactic with my Leipzig team. So far, so good. 4 matches 4 Wins. Using the Wolfsburg one.
  4. Hi Guys!!! Nice thread!!!! Do you know where I can get the RB Leipzig Kit??? It's the only team I don't have the Kit!!! Thanks!!!!!
  5. Do You Have any other players instructions? Or is it just like it is on the previous posts?
  6. You Just Changed position or added some new player instructions???
  7. Finally I have some time to play!!!! Starting a save now and I'll try to post how I'm doing!!!!
  8. Great thread man!!!! Going to start a save with Bayern!!!! Always like to play with them!!!!
  9. I'm thinking in play with a false nine upfront. Wich one do you think could be better. Wilshire or Ozil???
  10. Starting a new save and decided to play with Dortmund!!!! Hope this save bring me loads of fun!!!!
  11. How Much have you paid for Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo please?
  12. I'm on my third season with Arsenal, and I bought only two young players this season and I'm using them on a regular basis, one DR and Zouma as DC. Now the board told me they are disappointed because i bought young players to the first team!!!! I gotta use my players!!!!!
  13. Wally's update is made that way. Just downloaded and I'm playing it!!!!
  14. Thanks Gooner, going to try and see what I can do with them!!!!!
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