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  1. Yeah, thinking that it will give the entire team the same Mentality, but reduce the individualism that VF encourages, in order for the players to work more as a team and keep their shape as they move forward. I haven't tried it out or anything, but it makes sense. I think.
  2. Have you tried Very Fluid/Defensive? Then maybe set the forwards to DFA(S? A?) and Defensive Forward (D) ? Very Fluid for sure, though. Maybe something like this.
  3. Only player I ever had do it consistently and with purpose is this guy, but he's out of this world and the best player I've had at any position in any save. I gave him the PPM intentionally along with "runs with ball often" and played in a very fluid system with a high defensive line (FM14). He routinely takes the ball well past the halfway line, but will then always hand it off to a more attacking player. I've never seen even this guy take the ball all the way to the penalty area. You'd think if the match engine was gonna have a defender play that aggressively it'd be this guy and... not even
  4. It's not unprecedented, ask former NBA coach Mark Jackson. Nobody questioned his results, but the organization hated working with him and assumed, rightly it turns out, they could still win with a different coach. it adds another layer of management. A player that can't fit in or dislikes his role must be carefully managed or moved on, a manager that has lost the locker room is not long for his job, etc.
  5. It's sort of disappointing so far. Not my results, they're good despite a few injuries. But the board has been eminently reasonable and even signed Chris Eagles! They must read the forums. They definitely don't pay attention to the wage budget, though, and their signings impact my Confidence. Silly.
  6. So, I'm gonna give this a shot, then. Will follow-up with a report if the save goes anywhere interesting. Just as likely I lose interest and you never hear from me again. But who knows! Hopefully, Massimo Knows.
  7. I know you didn't ask for it, but I was bored and went ahead and did MLS. But since it wasn't on your list, I'll just throw up a link to pastebin (here) so it won't clutter up your thread with off-topicness.
  8. He was such a machine for me in FM14 that I wasn't able to hold on to him for a second year, PSG swooped in and unsettled him. It's been a long time since that save but I think I played him by himself as an AF, and untrained his Likes to Beat Offside Trap PPM. Not that I'm against the idea of his trying, but he was leading the League in Offsides by a mile until I did.
  9. Ter-Stegen in 2014. Picked him up on a Bosman at Fulham. He played great for a year, then I noticed Courtois was also leaving on a Bosman. So I grabbed him, then sold Ter-Stegen for an ungoly sum to PSG.
  10. If its available it'll look like this, with the option on the right side I can't get that to show up in my more successful saves where I have gigantic transfer budget and -- presumably just as, if not more relevant -- a much higher club reputation.
  11. Worldwide Soccer Manager, was the North American title of the series for a while. It's FM06.
  12. Its called "Better Panels For Official FM2014 Default Skin" by ArtDekDok, which I downloaded through Steam Workshop.
  13. I've sort of been doing that. Been playing against a lot of 4-4-2 (and 4-2-4) lately, so I've been rolling out with a 4-5-1 using Hubert at DM as a Half Back. I add Play Narrower and Look For Overlap -- to the Control tactic above -- with that combination and it's doing stuff like crushing FC Bayern 5-0. In terms of the "impose your will" vs. "react to what the other team does" debate that goes on in everyone's head, using him as a one man reaction while the rest of the team imposes its will is starting to look very effective in practice so far.
  14. Bah, embarrassed I didn't just search first. Anyway, that did the trick -- at least in the friendly I scheduled immediately to test it. Thanks! On that note, though: So if I want to have players available for both U18 and U21 I'll have to keep flipping check marks then? Because it doesn't seem to allow players in the U18 to have checkmarks under both.
  15. Going to try to provide all the relevant screenshots. Not sure what's going on here. This kid has been in the U18s for months now and has gotten in zero games save U21 internationals. He's 16, he's European (no WP issues), and there's no other GK in the squad besides a grayed-out character that keeps getting all the playing time. Rui Costa isn't even showing up on the bench for several of these matches. It's really bizarre, I've never had this issue before with just leaving everything to the U18 manager. It seems unlikely he isn't aware Costa is better than the gray player he's putting in. So
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