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  1. Thanks. Maybe it's just that I've had to rotate too much but even when I consciously tried to keep the same starting group through a 4-5 game period I found the links never developed. It's a little frustrating but we're winning so maybe I just don't care... bleh.
  2. I use it on the road and I'm currently running this (I think the BPD on the right is normally a straight CD but it's basically the same). I built it originally from an FM18 523 formation with 3 actual strikers... dropping the man into midfield seems to work a little bit better since the beta ME patch though. To beat the press, you can try changing your distribution options (long throws to flanks can be especially good). Also stretching the field a bit and telling them to dribble less can both help some.
  3. As long as he's solid bright green on ST that's what I mean. I find that being a natural in a position is most important for strikers. I'm used to them just saying ST vs. AML/ST but if he's doing well then, by all means, stick with him. He's probably better as an AF but he looks pretty good for this level. The AI Assistant Managers are going to tackle him hard because of that low bravery. Hopefully his injury proneness is low Your "drift outside" wing guy looks pretty solid too. My gut tells me he's going to outperform Gudmundsson (not in goals but in average rating). I find that my Libero needs a good bit of stamina. Also, don't do Libero Attack with this guy because that will make him go sprinting off downfield on dribbling runs which would probably be bad here (I can't picture the individual player instructions but "Dribble Less" is an individual option too, right? I'd flag that for him... you want this guy stepping up and helping with the build up and taking advantage of that passing and vision. As to BWM - D... The only problem I have (and I don't know how to stop it) is on really forward throw-ins on the left side he comes REALLY far forward to provide a throw-in option. It creates a crap ton of space behind him that is problematic. Not really sure how to fix it. I do have a BPD-ST playing as the CDR (so behind and to the right of the BWM-D) so there's a guy that sort of occupies that Libero role for me that will step up into the space. My team kind of becomes a 3232 in attack which I kind of like. I think you've mostly got it though. You really just need to upgrade in some key positions and hope some of your younger players develop. I guess there's no place for De Rycke in this formation which is a bit of a bummer (or can he play AMC for you?)
  4. Oh... and to answer the AMC question, maybe just try a straight AMC and set the instructions. My guy is a little slower and Enganche works well for him but if you're trying to get him to move either a customized generic AMC or a Treq maybe?
  5. Glad the 41221 worked out (same principles really as the 42121 I suggested just a different midfield balance). I considered some version of 532 as an option but it didn't seem like it would fit what you had. Glad to hear it worked out (I was mostly concerned with your CD depth and Wingbacks). I use a Libero in mine (pretty much reserved for really tough games against strong wingers) and he does really well but I have an absolute beast for that position so I don't know how it would work with someone who wasn't ideal. I think you've got the recruiting priorities mostly right although I'd say that an out and out striker should be on your list and (at least for me) the supporting MC does better than the AMC. I play a combination BWM-D and DLP-S there (like I said, it's my "defensive solidity" formation) but I think a MEZ would be fine to help with the width (especially since your WB on that side is set to defense). Alternatively, the striker on that side could be told to stay wider if he has decent crossing/dribbling/passing.
  6. One other note. I've been totally unable to get my Target Man to play that "back to goal / help the build up / knock off the ball to runners" type style. If that's what you're looking for, I'm not sure how to get the current ME to do that (granted, I haven't really tried again since the new beta ME came out... and I have a guy perfect for that so now I know what I'm trying tonight I guess
  7. I think it depends on your distribution method. If you are distributing to playmakers, your team is going to want to try to play through him which may slow them down at times. On the other hand, if you're playing down flanks (or long balls) then he exists as an outlet to build back up when the counter flounders. I think it's situational depending on how the rest of your tactic plays. Try it preseason and see if it works better for you or not.
  8. I think is one of those "generally you don't want to" rules that you should feel free to break but only with a good reason. A WB-A behind a W-S will have them be clumped up a lot. If they have a strong playing relationship and like to play 1-2s, this might actually be a GOOD thing. But generally it will work to limit space. On the other hand, a WB-D and a W-A are going to very rarely have this problem. Also, teams with better Decisions and Off the Ball (maybe Teamwork matters here too?) will sort of work through some of these problems and "figure it out" on their own. Or you can give the Winger "Roam from Position" to help spread them out some. There's options but just keep in mind what you're doing when you do it.
  9. To take a different approach from some of the others, I'd opt for a 433 with two DMs and an MC. It should allow for excellent defense in most games. Play Gudmonsson up top as either a Poacher or a False 9 then play De Rycke and Lopes as the AMR and AML respectively (I'd suggest trying them both as IFs but you may want Lopes to be an out and out Winger if he's very left footed). If you can scrounge up another DC to play next to Galli, my preference would be for Morris to be one of my DMCs but you're probably going to end up playing McDonald (Volante-S) and Christmann (BWM-D or Anchor) behind Tropi/Pinheiro/Pamies at the DLP-S MC slot. Play deeper with a tighter line to compress the field (don't play all the way back with your defensive line) and try to sit a little narrower with overlaps on for at least one side (Looks like your left side is more attacking so I'd start there). I like using roles to create some assymetry in my attack because it makes it more likely that at least one of the sides will do well during a game. Try to find a good out and out striker and a good Central Defender. Also, whenever you change tactics, make sure to slip in some "Match Prep - Tactics" in there to help build the familiarity with the team.
  10. 4231 can work well. Try either IF(a), SS(a), IF(a) behind a TM(s) or AP(a), AP(s), W(a) behind a TM(a). I've had pretty good success with my TM flipping between those two combinations. Not really sure which one has done better for me (I'll try to look back and check tonight). I also had a bit of luck with an FM18 style 523WB formation. Not really sure if that was the TM doing well or the AF beside him, however.
  11. My current formation (Swansea in Championship so not exactly LLM to be fair) uses a IF/WB on the left (where I drop the LMC back to a BWM-D DMC) and a FB-S with a W or RAM on the right (with a MEZ, CAR / MC-A at the RMC role). The FB-S still pushes up plenty though he rarely goes in on goal or goes all the way to the byline (where the WB will cut in to goal or carry the ball all the way to the line sometimes). But the FB-S still puts a fair number of crosses in (usually from a little earlier but sometimes from the 18 or a little deeper). The biggest challenge I've had is getting my AMC to perform well but the beta Match engine has largely fixed that. For you, Lewis is so much better than everyone else that he's doing fine but the ME may be screwing you against better teams when he's not as dominant (stat wise).
  12. Any idea what those are? Can I "jumpstart" those links in some way through the editor? Would it help if I gave all the players a few years of fake history at the club? It's just surprising to me that 2 full seasons into the game I haven't had a single link get formed. Not even between my two CDs.
  13. My initial thoughts: What are Pedder and Lewis's natural positions? They're two of your best players playing in roles they're not particularly comfortable with. I'd see if I could adapt the tactic to allow those two to flourish a bit more. I'm not a fan of Winger with Wingback behind them. I find they get a little clumped up on the sides. IF/IW with a WB or CWB behind works well. So does a W with a CAR in midfield or an IWB and underlap turned on (the IWB idea might require too much skill for the league your in so that one might not work). AP's have been really rough on the current ME but they're a little better on the new ME (IMO). If you're playing on Beta it might be fine but if you're playing on the current live patch instead I think a SS or Enganche is better. An AMC set to roam from position can also work. Find a better goalkeeper... I know that's not really tactical advice but my experience in LLM is that finding a ~4star keeper can really change everything about how your team plays. Watch a game on 2D for a bit. Based on your formation and choices, I think you may have trouble linking defense and offense. You have two relatively deep set CMs and you're instructions are trying to play through the middle. If your AP gets marked out well (how fast is he? what's his off the ball skill?) then your passing options are probably pretty slim. I like assymetrical (via roles... not necessarily formations) setups. Consider playing IF + WB on one side and FB(S) + W on the other. I've also had a ton of luck dropping one of the CMs down to a DMC (usually as a BWM-D) on the side with the more attacking outside back. Then changing the one CM left to a MEZ or Box-to-Box or CM-A even. This gives a good transition through the middle while also enabling lots of play down the more aggressive flank. The asymmetry is nice because the AI typically plays symmetrical formations. So if you run up against something good against your IF/WB setup it likely isn't good against your W/FB setup. Most of my games, one of my flanks does really well and the other one does "okay" or struggles. A small price to pay for the rampant winger on the other wide.
  14. In addition to what rockpie said (essentially stretching the field a little to create more space), I would suggest looking at where your shots are coming from and try to figure out if the problem is poor quality shots from bad angles or too far out. Look at a couple of your 30+ shot games and look at where the shots are coming from. Work Ball into Box, Shoot on sight or Hit early crosses will all shift where the shots come from and the types of shots you're getting. Are they backing so far off that you could be taking 20yd shots at will? Try Shoot on Sight (and maybe make make your CMs "Shoot More"). On the other hand, maybe you're taking TOO many shots from outside and you need to "Work Ball into Box". Lastly, I find that the 41221 you're playing sometimes struggles against a 532WB (which I think Wolves and a couple other teams play a bunch in FM20). Against those teams, I'd definitely consider employing a second striker and an AMC and just foregoing the AML/AMR. My wingers always get poor ratings when they're matched against WBs and then still have to run at defenders with no real responsibility.
  15. I'm assuming you're not asking about coaching/scouting/training because that could be a book all by itself. Here's my general process 1) Check the depth chart and figure out which positions I'm strongest in 2) Identify my 3 or 4 star players. The best ones that might be worth building a tactic around. What style would benefit them the most? Do you have a good crosser as an AM and a Target Man? Maybe you have really strong midfield passing and vision? That kind of thing. 3) Put your 3 or 4 best players into a tactic (I sometimes do this on paper) and figure out what kind of formation this says you should play. You'd like your best players playing in their more natural positions (IMO). You might also identify positions that you're particularly weak in to avoid as well. Example: You've identified a RB (CWB-A), a AMR (IF-S) a S (Poacher) and a DM (DLP-D) as your very best players. With these, you could play a 41221 just fine or maybe even a 4231DM (or Assym with 1 DM). You probably don't want to play a formation with wingbacks because of the space compression between the WBR and the AMR. And whether you play a 41221 or a 4231 will likely depend on the quality of your available AMCs. If you have a strong AMC then opt for the latter but if you have a lack of AMCs, maybe the former will work. Alternatively, you could also play a 4222 (with DMs and AML/R) with these players. Again, depending on if you have another DM and another Striker that are worth fielding. 4) Once you figure out the 1-2 formations you think will work, identify where your weakest place is overall in that formation. 5) Are their youngsters with potential for those positions? Can you afford the hit to short term performance to let them play? Young players develop pretty rapidly and you can add half-1 star with regular playing time. So if you've got a really hot prospect, it's worth considering. 6) Assuming you don't have any youngsters then it's time to scout (quickly... that first transfer window comes quick in most leagues) to fill those holes. Again, continuing the example, Let's say you opt to go with a 4222 (2xDM/AML/AMR) because your MC options are non-existent and you have a pretty good second DMC and Striker. You've identified AML and CB as some areas of concern. You have a decent CB and a really strong youth prospect (1.5 stars but 4-5 stars potential). Your AML options are all aging and "okay" but none are good (all are 2-2.5 stars and don't really have the crossing/dribbling you want). I'd go looking for some younger (20-25) AMLs with decent stats that can improve you as well as maybe an older CB (some random 30 year old 3 star CB would be perfect) that won't be bothered by being a squad player so you can develop that youth player. --- Anyways... that's pretty much the process I run through. Hope that helps.
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