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  1. Historic databases

    Hi! I tried to find a thread like this, but was unsuccesful. I for one am interested about the databases/researching of the old games and how did it turn out. I've searched the internet for answers to these few questions, but have been totally unsuccesful. So here it goes. I'm trying to get a list about three different types of every Sports Interactive games. 1. Who was the best manager in the game (non-player current ability [only manager or player/managers]) 2. Who was the best player in the game by current ability 3. Who was the most potential youngster by potential ability. Some of the questions may of course have divided number one place. So everyone who is interested in this or can help me will be greatly appreciated. The list of Sports Interactive games by wikipedia: Championship Manager Championship Manager '93 Championship Manager 2 Championship Manager 96/97 Championship Manager 97/98 Championship Manager 3 Championship Manager: Season 00/01 Championship Manager: Season 01/02 Championship Manager 4 Championship Manager: Season 03/04 Football Manager 2005 Football Manager 2006 Football Manager 2007 Football Manager 2008 Football Manager 2009 Football Manager 2010 Football Manager 2011 Football Manager 2012