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  1. Hi all .. for any one having over heating worries , I have done a little helpful tips & guides on how to keep your pc/laptop cool. http://youtu.be/C0Z-KVGTbKQ
  2. you do know that Ebuyer is just a vendor right .. selling other sites goods ie, Cyberpower, PC Specialist ,Chillblast just goto to there sites your self
  3. wot I will say is you can buy the same one without the 2Gb Dedicated Graphics for 399 so I will ask wot card is it for 100 pound more ... http://www.very.co.uk/asus-k5130-intelreg-coretrade-i5-processor-8gb-1tb-base-unit-black/1315542650.prd?aff=google&affsrc=acquisition&cm_mmc=google-_-PLA_Electricals-_-computers+baseunits-_-uSZ3rEJl_29821782674
  4. it is wot is for 499 it will run fm like a dream .. plus very .co.uk sell it very cheap .. if you look for that make anywhere els it is more ... but that is good for the price I think ..
  5. £499 •Intel® Core™ i5 Processor •8Gb DDR3 RAM •1Tb SATA hard drive •Tray-in Supermulti DVD RW •2Gb Dedicated Graphics •802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi •USB 3.0; USB 2.0; HDMI •Wired keyboard and mouse •Microsoft Windows 8 Once again for folk looking at laptops to play games ... Then don't ,, Laptops are not built for games they will over heat no matter what you spend . cpu brun out in no time http://www.very.co.uk/asus-k5130-intelreg-coretrade-i5-processor-8gb-1tb-base-unit-with-2gb-dedicated-graphics-black/1315540497.prd?pageNumber=2
  6. Just like a Mod to post a link for a desktop pc ..in a Laptop help thread Do as I say and not as I do
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