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  1. less than 30 mins ,... like most fm gamers this is the worse fm ever .. and thank god si will not be making any more
  2. wow .. I cant be leave just how poor this game really feels ... I know you say there are some issues . but really .how can you sort this much out in 2 weeks .. iv been playing a few games .. and this really is a mess of a game ... far to many things to mention
  3. Well guys it has to be released at some point TODAY That is because TRADING STANDERS will be all over SI if it is not .. why you ask? Well you only have to look at there adds ,, Pre-order for Beta access approximately 2 weeks before full release: release is 7th nov. 00.01 so if the beta does not come out by 00.01 today tomorrow morning.. then si are in breach of wrongful advertising . the key phases being ... 2 weeks before full release not 1 week ... not 1 week 6 days ..
  4. The Facts says it all for me ... we are all here because we love football manager .. But WE are way out numbered by FIFA sales figures are not good reading for SI at all .. in fact FIFA sold more games in 4 weeks than si has sold in 10 years .. si sales figures for all the football manager games going back to fm 2005 to fm2015 it just 7 million in 10 years . fifa football sells more than that in 1 month FIFA sales are over 100 million .. FIFA 13 Sells 7.4 Million Copies In 4 Weeks allmost more than football manager has sold in its life time LINKS to the facts >>>>>>>>>>> http://fifasoccerblog.com/blog/fifa-13-sells-7-4-million-copies-in-4-weeks/ http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Best_selling_game_franchises goto the very bottom of the last link to see fm sales over 10 years
  5. I very much agree with others on here .. The I3 CPU and does not have a dedicated graphics card is way way over priced aswell i had to look again Price €739.94 WHAT
  6. Hi you state : new turf textures mod for Football Manager 2014, 2013 & 2012 game series Yet this mod will not work with FM2012 I have just tryed it myself .. and the game just crashes with-out delay. no matter what ..
  7. This tactic is just so awful I am at a lost to why it was posted . Plus once again just like years gone by Mr Hough takes other folks tactics and pass it of has his own .. it is just a copy of glesgakillie under preasure tactic how on earth does he think he can get away with it ... well in 2010 he diid in fact made a very good tactic ... but he has failed every since by just stealing others tactics in the hope to reach the pop of the old days ..
  8. You guys get sucked in every time .... you see i7 then you see for under 500 pound .. first thing to point out about laptops ... they will never be any good for gaming full stop . 2rd thing to note about the site and link you have posted .. is the laptop for 500 pound has a i7 that is over 2 years old . 3rd thing about that site the seller is that all of there laptops are returned goods ..... once again you get sucked in
  9. Amazing Diablo Tactic Fm 2012 got this http://youtu.be/X4urf8E1L3c if any one is still playing fm2012 . I am still in love with that game
  10. I am someone that builds pc for a living .. let me tell you ..that you are quite wrong on many fronts , first thing to point out with i7 v i5 this depends from which socket , there is a big diffirance is speed . sure if you over clock your i5 then it might match up to the i7 ,... but it wont last because as time goes by your need to down clock your i5 plus if you went from a 1155 board then once you get to a i7 then that board is good for nothing , because you cannot upgrade . so go for 2011 board . the i7 is only a few months old . plus you can upgrade to a six core i7 has for the SSD they are NOT much faster that all depends on the read and write speed . for playing fm you will not see to much diffrance really ..... Get your facts right before handing out advise
  11. Parts Needed to Build a Pc, mid to high end Build Computer £670 video tutorial it will beat any thing you have listed http://youtu.be/epENQAviBCo
  12. For 500 pound you could build your own pc ... at a very good spec I wouldn't get a laptop they are not built for gaming ... so try building your own it is very easy to do ,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1PETiu-qSM
  13. I am running windows 8. 1 just fine no worries with FM 2014 You can try add start button to windows 8. Get back your start menu. which I use ,. its just like having windows 7 back .. try this guild http://youtu.be/37ewbjl9BeE
  14. Parts Needed to Build a Pc mid Computer Build for £500 http://youtu.be/V1PETiu-qSM Good advise on what to look for when building a pc
  15. Hi I did a pc build walkthough guide on the parts your need for a good build .. so far we have uploaded 2 videos on this plus 1 more on the way with in the next hour . the first one is what is needed for a pc build mid to high end build for £670 .. the other videos are 1 for high end build and the other for a build for £500 pound the £670 build Is http://youtu.be/epENQAviBCo and the High End £1000 http://youtu.be/3ViCohtIWwk the other £500 mid build is being uploaded
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