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  1. Feedback much appreciated. I opted for Move Into Channels and Get Further Forward because I thought they suited the specific individual I'm playing there. I thought Roam From Position would help him get into better positions to link the play. I didn't realise it would still be considered top heavy since I'm playing with ML/R rather than AML/R but I guess giving both of them attacking duties creates the same effect. I'll look at setting up my flanks differently and see how it goes. I don't usually play with two full backs on support and two wide midfielders on attack but it seemed to suit the players I have at my disposal. Perhaps I'm focusing too much on what looks like the best role for individual players and not putting enough emphasis on how all of the roles work together within the structure of the team.
  2. Hi Cleon. I'm trying to set up my version of a 4-2-3-1 with Newcastle. I think I have a decent foundation but something isn't quite right. We're defensively solid for the most part and at times we've played some nice stuff going forward but not often enough and getting goals has been the main problem. I have to admit, I'm not quite sure why. As far as I can tell I have a good balance between players supporting the play, players making runs in behind, and a bit of variety as well. Would be much obliged if you can try to point me in the right direction, not asking you to do it for me. Here's the formation: GK: GK-d (Short Kicks, Distribute To Full Backs/Centre Backs) DR: WB-s (Run Wide With Ball) DC: CD-d DC: CD-d DL: FB-s DMR: DM-s DML: VOL-a MR: WM-a (Cut Inside, More Risky Passes) ML: W-a AMC: AM-s (Roam, Move Into Channels, More Risky Passes, Get Further Forward) ST: DLF-a So I've pulled the wide midfielders back into the midfield strata. Standard, Flexible, Push Higher Up and Play Out Of Defence. Slightly lower line than you due to not having the quickest centre backs, and no additional closing down as I thought that would be less effective with MR/L than AMR/L. Much less adventurous full backs which I'm starting to think could be one of the reasons why we aren't scoring enough goals. Maybe one of the wide players needs a support duty to help link the play better? The AMC has been doing a good job of coming deep and getting involved even though I've given him Get Further Forward so I don't think that's the problem. Maybe I just don't have the right players for it? Shelvey has done well as the Segundo Volante but perhaps isn't complete enough for such a demanding role? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Great thread Cleon. I'm thinking of setting up a 4-2-2-1-1 (2 DMs, MR/L, AMC) to replicate my version of a 4-2-3-1. Been trying 4-4-1-1 but the gap between the DCs and MCs is a real problem defensively. I'll probably go without the extra closing down due to my wide players not being in the AM strata.
  4. Yeah of course but I'm not even seeing this option when I go to create a new game.
  5. Can I load a previously created manager when starting a new game or do I have to make a new one each time? Not seeing the option to load a manager.
  6. This is fantastic. Thoroughly enjoying it so far. Do you consider the 4-1-2-2-1 a good shape for the high press? I assume it would work well enough. Also what attributes in which positions do you consider necessary for your team to be able to play in a high block? Workrate and stamina mainly? Pace for centre backs?
  7. I don't think you need a CM-D as well as a DM-D. I'd give Drinkwater a support duty. CM, DLP or AP could all work.
  8. Okay that's good to know. I plan to use a FB-A in my system as well but I want more passing than crossing from my team. Could use Work Ball Into Box but I'm worried that could blunt my attack a bit.
  9. Question herne, have you found that your full backs are crossing too much since you've switched them to FB-A? If I remember correctly they have Cross More Often by default and that was something you were against in your original setup.
  10. You need players willing to get beyond the False 9 and be a goal threat. Two wingers isn't the way to go. Try changing one to an IF-A. Need at least one runner from centre midfield as well (CM-A or BBM).
  11. Ah I got you. Misunderstood what you meant. Speaking of stats, what is the lowest you would accept for an attribute you deem necessary for your style of play? Personally I would be happy enough with 14 workrate.
  12. Yeah I wasn't disagreeing with your way at all, merely noting the difference between our management styles. I also think I get attached to my players more than you do. I would've wanted to reward Lanzini's good season with a permanent move because of that.
  13. Hmm.. interesting. This is another example of how different managers approach and handle situations differently. I would happily pay my top rated player £75k a week. The signing on and agent fees are high but you can get them down. Sure there are other players out there that can do a similar job or a better one but when a player produces for me I prefer to sign him than look elsewhere (especially for a transfer fee as small as £5m) unless they're asking for absolutely ridiculous wages.
  14. Not sure what you mean. I know that you changed from SK to GK when you switched mentality. I assumed that was because your defensive line wasn't as high. What I was trying to ask is would you still use a Sweeper Keeper if deploying a high line and if so is it for their starting position on the field (since you've said they don't actually sweep up effectively) or did you generally mean that there's no need for a Sweeper Keeper? Hope that's more clear.
  15. Why do you use a Sweeper Keeper if the sweeper aspect of the role isn't very effective? For their starting position?
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