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  1. Bluth's 4-2-3-1 for 16.2 Finally got a tactic working for the latest update. Still scores a lot and lets in fewer. Strong with QPR and Arsenal, so should work with teams big and small. Would be even better if someone figures out a corner routine that actually works with this patch. 1st with QPR, 2nd with Arsenal No OIs, Individual training left to AssMan Working well, will play out the season, but should be stable enough to try and tweak if you want to switch it up. http://www.mediafire.com/download/n9w4qv6s0waupe2/16.2+patch+tweak_D95D2093-BFEA-44DF-9C4B-20F51EC6D1E9.fmf
  2. Yes, I put it on all 3 slots for the pre-season to get it up to full fluid before the season started.
  3. Not quite the match engine breaker it's made out to be... My QPR team, who won the Prem last year, gives up 20 shots, 4 ccc's, 4 half ccc's to Man City, losing 2-0, and suffering three injuries to the Midfield.
  4. Not sure what you mean about centre backs being opposite side... And if your AssMan has a really high motivating rating, he can probably do the teamtalks!
  5. Make sure you try it with version 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7avuzyflic6ll34/Bluth%27s+Z+Stand+v.2.tac#39;s_Z_Stand_v.2.tac It is far, far superior. I'm testing it with Frankfurt now. http://i.imgur.com/0DwTmGh.png We're sitting at the top of the table after 8 games, with 23 goals for and only 3 against. And we beat Bayern already.
  6. I've been having success with an asymmetric 4-2-3-1 formation and did the double with both Everton (League and Carling Cup) and Roma (League and Italian Cup) in the first year during testing, so thought I'd upload it. First, some photos (for some reason it won't let me attach photos here, so I'll have to just link to them...Mods help?): http://imgur.com/3qeRM1F Here's the formation. One Striker: off-center position as a Deep Lying Forward. He'll get a decent amount of goals, assists, and drop back into defensive help too. Heading is important, passing and strength are good too. Two Wingers: these guys will toss quite a few crosses in and generally spread the play wider. Good speed and crossing is important. One Advanced Center Mid: this guy plays as a shadow striker. He'll score a lot of goals and generally get into dangerous positions. Good finishing is key. Two Mids: one is a BBM, who sits under the Shadow Striker and mops up defensively when the SS goes forward. The other is an Anchorman who hangs out and tries to snuff out anything down the middle. These guys are key for your defense, so you want good marking, tackling, and off-the-ball moves. Two Wingbacks: these guys do double duty in defense and offense. They will toss in a LOT of crosses - in my Everton game, Leighton Baines had a ridiculous amount of assists, easily the highest on my team, 99% from crosses as he ventured forward and curled balls in from the left. To that point, you need a left-footer on the left side and a right-footer on the right, or their crosses won't be nearly as effective. Two Center Defenders: one on cover duty, one on defend. This way one of them sweeps up just a bit higher and cuts things out while the other hangs back. Left the OI to AssMan. Team talks are BIG. You need to keep your team motivated. Since this is FM14, you will let in ridiculous goals every now and again. You will get 20 shots to your opponent's 1, and still lose the game 2-0. It happens, because this match engine is terrible. So keeping team morale up is huge. I can go into team talks later, if anyone cares about my approach, but suffice it to say, they are vital. http://imgur.com/K9PoPG9 Tactic is good in scoring and defending. My Everton team lead the league with 87 goals, and let in the 3rd fewest with 34. Finally got a good corner routine down as well. I lead the league in goals from corners with 15 - next team only had 8. You need to put a left-footer on the right side and vice versa - you really need in-swingers for the corner routine to work. This is the start of my new test of Version 2 with Frankfurt. Media prediction of mid-table finish. After 3 games: http://i.imgur.com/k42ETig.png 11 goals for, 1 conceded. Crazy good. Version 2 - Mediafire Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/7avuzyflic6ll34/Bluth%27s+Z+Stand+v.2.tac
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