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  1. I'm no computer programmer or mathmatician but from what I can gather the match engine is run on a series of calculations? So for each difficulty level the player has more control over the amount the AI has to calculate. For beginner levels you only offer basics in the tactics, training and add in extra bits so the backroom staff offer more advice in other areas that add to the complexety of the game. Then as the levels go up the game player is in control of more of the different variables. Surely this then makes a game for all. As you get more competent you can up the levels. The game play would increase ten fold. I'm sorry but anyone who thinks that playing with a bigger team makes the game easier must be playing a different game to me. Yes you have the ability to attract better players and money is easier to come by but that means nothing without having the understanding of training and tactics. Plus add into the equation the half time team talks and dealing with players morale and already your talking hours of trial and error or searching for advice on forums like these. I love the game but have started to feel that to enjoy playing it I have to become some guru of the game. Sitting down for hours analising it. This is fine for those that love doing that and that have the time. But I have a life away from this game and play it like many to act the fantasy of football management. I don't to have to put in the hours thay do and still have to pay £20+ for the joy.
  2. Just a thought but for future versions of the game maybe si wants to put a difficulty level on the game. That way they will not alienate their consumers and my stress levels will come down. You could have an easy (youth team) level, a back to the old days when you did'nt really need to know a great deal about trg or tactics and still have a little success. Then a moderate (reserve team) level, a basic knowledge of both required to be able to enjoy some glory. Finally a fm 2006/7 (first team) level, a Fifa coaching badge, a masters degree in sports science and the time available to watch every minute of everygame for any chance of any success what so ever. Even then be prepared to have it all ripped away with a 45yrd screamer to the top corner in the last minute. Maybe then i might feel like playing the game i love at the level that's pitched for me. No one could complain because they would just be told to go and play it on the easier level that's more appropriate to their management abilities. The newbies can get a foot hold in the game without having to spent a life time searching forums for scraps of advice on how not to get thrashed. The moderate user that's played the game for a while but has not the time or maybe the effort can still enjoy the game. Finally the tactical genius's and die hard fans of the game will have a level that will drive their cogs into overdrive. In all one game that is for everyone
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