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  1. Yeah I should have explained better. So I was offered Spurs job at the end of my 1st season with Wolves. However I thought with the budget I'd stick it out at Wolves. Saying that despite having £120 million to spend, it's difficult as other European heavyweights seem to be luring my targets away. Bit frustrating, probably haven't actually strengthened my squad at all. Signed Jean Seri on a free after he was released from Man United though.
  2. 2021/2022 Season So I reluctantly left Hibernian and joined Wolves who had just won promotion to the Premier League. Them being rich I was given a £60 million budget with some already good players. I did change the squad around quite a lot. In the league we finished 5th which is very good going, qualifying for the Europa league is also good. I also got to the FA Cup Final but unfortunately lost to Man United. My best player throughout the season was probably John Brock (Regen). Picked him up from MK Dons for 6 million and he ended up getting 20 leagues goals. He's only 20 and labelled as the new Michael Owen. I was offered the Tottenham job and was debating moving on to one of the overseas clubs if a good job came about but Wolves gave me a transfer budget of £112 million. In two minds but may stay another season. World Cup in the summer so I'm sure I will get a good international job amongst the fallout. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2018/19| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2019/20| Hibernian |3rd | Scottish Cup Winners! 2020/21| Hibernian |2nd | Scottish Cup Winners! 2021/22| Wolves |5th | Domestic Cups 1/10 - Scottish Cup (Hibernian)
  3. I definitely will mate, I was really enjoying it. Got some good youngsters there do it's definitely on. John Hartson replaced me and there struggling again now. Cowdenbeath have also been relegated to where we started as well. Always disappoints me when my work goes down the drain.
  4. 2020/2021 Season I probably wasted by time with this season by staying with Hibernian, I really wanted one last stab at trying to overthrow Celtic. There was improvement as we finished 2nd only 8 points behind Celtic. Last season we finished 3rd and 26 points behind Celtic so a bit of improvement from last season. But unfortunately I still couldn't dethrone Celtic. I retained the Scottish Cup winning that again which was good, although having won before no progress in terms of Ultimate Challenge. I was knocked out of the Europa League in the group stage, but the money we got from reaching group stage was a big help for the club. The only other competition was the Betfred Cup which I was knocked out by Aberdeen in the quarter final. Was happy as I used a lot of young players, signed a great young player from Brazil, a regen called Dacio. But another Brazilian stole the show this season, a young player I signed on a free last season called Douglas Aurelio, he got 41 goals in 49 matches. I've now made my first venture into international management by taking the Wales job, not much to report at the moment as still going through qualification however I did beat Spain 6-0 at home which I still don't really understand myself, but either way was a great win. Although I'm enjoying Hibernian, I know I have to move on... sadly. I will probably keep my Hibernian save and try and dethrone Celtic once this challenge is wrapped up. So I've already moved on and i'm taking over at Wolves who have just won promotion into the Premier League and as you can imagine have given me a hefty transfer budget. I will keep you all updated once I finish this next season! Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2018/19| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2019/20| Hibernian |3rd | Scottish Cup Winners! 2020/21| Hibernian |2nd | Scottish Cup Winners! Domestic Cups 1/10 - Scottish Cup (Hibernian)
  5. Thanks @knap Is that if I'm top team or I'm playing top team?
  6. Hi @knap What do you think is your best tactic with 18.2.1. There being a few wonder which I should use.
  7. @vikeologist That's exactly my thinking, I've probably won all I can win short term with Hibernian. Had a interview with both Wolfsburg and Shanggang, but unfortunately didn't get either of them. Really fancied the Shanggang job as the transfer budget was £67 million. Still in pre season with Hibs at the moment, having one eye on the Celtic job because Alex Neil (Celtic Manager) is being linked to a lot of Prem jobs at the moment.
  8. 2019/20 Season So after back to back promotions with Cowdenbeath, I was offered and accepted the Hibernian job in the SPL. Hibernian finished 10th last season but I think other than Celtic all the teams are fairly similar in level and I fancied maybe pushing for 3rd spot and therefore nicking a place in the Europa League qualifying the following season. Luckily I managed to do that in the league with a points total of 72 I finished behind Celtic and Rangers. One thing which made this easier was Aberdeen had a miserable season. So positive with the league and I'm glad to say I am off the mark with this challenge by winning the Scottish Cup by smashing Aberdeen in the final, again a little stroke of luck in the sense Ross County managed to beat Celtic in the quarter final! Big effort and used a lot of players within the squad, defensively Efe Ambrose and Paul Hanlon who were rocks at the back as well as contributing with the odd goals here and there. At the other end Michael Folivi, who I signed on loan from Watford, and Simon Murray got bags of goals, 58 in all competitions between them. Now next stage is a bit of a dilemma. Realistically winning the league with Hibernian is going to take a long time, Celtic are head and shoulders above everyone. The only way it'll happen is signing good young players and waiting for them to hit their potential or Celtic literally self imploding. For the sake of this challenge I'm not sure waiting years at Hibernian is the best way to complete it so I think I am going to move on. I think I'll stay at Hibs until I can get a job elsewhere. I'm hoping maybe a top team in a fringe European country but we shall see. Will keep you posted. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2018/19| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2019/20| Hibernian |3rd | Scottish Cup Winners! Domestic Cups 1/10 - Scottish Cup (Hibernian)
  9. 2018/2019 Season So following on from promotion to Ladbrokes League 1, and a few little summer additions, we entered into the new season. I'll start with the cup competitions which didn't go as well as last time round. IRN BRU Cup I was knocked out by Aberdeen U20's in the quarter final. The BETFRED Cup I was knocked out by Partick Thistle in the Quarter Final, and Scottish Cup was very disappointing, we were knocked out by Raith Rovers in the 3rd round. Onto the league which was a huge success, we finished top of the pile and finished 31 points clear!! Losing only 2 league games all season. A massive success and to be honest with a similar squad to the previous seasons. Kieran Sommerville and Ryan Connelly scored 57 league goals between them. The young players I have there have actually been really good luck and as well as that produced some good players through the academy since I've been here. Despite gaining promotion to Ladbrokes Championship, I pursued the Hibernian job in the SPL, which I successfully got. So hopefully I can get a cup there and get off the mark. Fingers crossed! Will keep you all posted. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions! 2018/19| Cowdenbeath |1st | Champions
  10. I did start this on FM 2017. Thought I might as well start again with the new release so here it goes: 2017/18 Season So I took the first job I was offered, Cowdenbeath in Scottish League 2 - with no money and minimal expectations, I thought they had a decent squad. Once taking the job I realised they actually had a lot of good prospects coming through and generally a pretty young squad. So despite the expectation being to avoid relegation, I ended up winning the league easily, by 23 points actually. As well as the league success I reached the Scottish Cup Quarter Finals, eventually being knocked out by Rangers. I did draw some luck from the draw however. I tapped into the loan market heavily, and they ended up being very useful. Jonny Mitchell from Falkirk and Tommy Caffery from Celtic were superb additions, as well as that David Syme and Kyle Miller, who were already in the squad, were paramount to the seasons success. Decent start, obviously I've not ticked any off yet, but got a good feeling about this one. The one gripe I have thus far is they won't pay for me to do coaching badges which is annoying. I would love if FM did a feature where a manager can pay for courses themselves using the earnings from contract. Anyhow, on to season 2, I feel I may have to continue building at Cowdenbeath for another season and than hopefully get linked to jobs that would be a step up. I'll keep you all posted.
  11. 2020/21 Season Been a while since I updated and had a fairly uneventful season after a very strong one. After guiding Norwich to Champions League football and Poland to the the European Championship final I resigned from both posts because I felt I'd taken both as far as I could. Norwich gave me £40 million to spend and I already has lost my best player Ronaldo Viera and Lewandowski retired from international football. So I felt I couldn't do much else in both jobs. Straight away I applied and ultimately got offered the Spain job. I took it for obvious reasons although I have to say, they don't have the best team. After a long time finding the right club I was offered the Valencia job with 9 games left in the season. They were in 9th position and by the end of the season we managed to nick 7th place and therefore a place in the Europa League. I really need to tick one off the list now I've done 5 seasons. Getting a little impatient but I feel I can win a cup with Valencia at the very least. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17| Stevenage |10th | Took over with 24 games left in 19th position 2017/18| Stevanage |1st | Left for Norwich job after 35 games 2017/18| Norwich |18th | Relegated 2018/19| Norwich |1st | CHAMPIONS! 2019/20| Norwich |4th | Qualified for Champions League 2020/21| Valencia |7th | Took over with 9 games left in 9th position International ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Euro 2020 | Poland | Runners up
  12. @vikeologist Indeed I am a massive Norwich fan, I think because of that I was able to leap from League 2 to the Premier League in such little time. I do intend to move on soon though because it'll take too long to get them pushing for title. Man United are ridiculously good on my save and Norwich gave me a pretty poor budget so disappointed with that and looking to move now my rep is at 65%. Quick update I've got the Spain job following my resignation from Poland. Happy with that.
  13. 2019/20 Season Recapping on the previous season I had just got Norwich promoted back to the Premier League. As well as that I'd taken over with Poland with Euro 2020 approaching. 2019/20 Season - Premier League - Norwich City I signed a few to bolster the 1st team squad but not a huge amount. Ronaldo Viera from Leeds was the pick of the lot, I did sign him for £25 million but he was my star player, in all competitions he played 36 games got 12 goals, 6 assists and an average rating of 7.48. I stupidly agreed to a release clause in his contract of £32.5 million which Atletico Madrid have just met. A little disappointing but was a good player to have if only a year. League Very decent campaign and very happy to have qualified for the Champions League finishing in 4th place with Norwich. Was happy to finish 4th but the way some of the big teams turned me over wasn't great. Pretty chuffed with it but means nothing if I don't win the qualifier. League Cup Last year I got to the Semi Finals and was gutted to have been knocked out by Arsenal. This year was even worse, a real kick in the teeth as I lost to Man Utd in the final. Was really hoping to break my duck. I seem to have good luck in the cup competitions as I tend to always have biggish squads with like for like ability, while the bigger teams tend to play youngsters, a Regen called Adam Flint scored in the final who is fast becoming a real pain in the arse for me. FA Cup So Man Utd beat me in the Semi Final 1-0. You can probably guess who scored the goal.......... Adam Flint. Had a pretty easy route to get to the Semi Finals but Man United are an absolute force on my save winning Premier League and League cup this year. Just building a really solid team there. EURO 2020 - Poland My first international tournament with Poland. I was actually quietly confident as Lewandowski and Milik will always get goals and a generally decent spine in Glik, Bielik, Krychowiak and Linetty. Also had a few very good Regens coming through who I Theo Walcott'ed into the tournament squad. Group Stage We started the tournament thrashing Greece 4-0, which included hat trick from Milik. Followed this result was a 2-2 draw with Holland and we won the group after beating Croatia 1-0. Very content to have won a pretty tough group. 2nd Round We beat Austria 3-1, a tricky team with Alaba and Arnautovic but Lewandowski double sealed our place in the Quarter Final. Quarter Final I was very happy to draw Ukraine in the Quarter Final, it was probably the easiest draw we could have had and we scraped through with a 1-0 win. Semi Final So we had drawn a good Portugal in the Semi's I thought we'd probably met our match here after having a fairly favourable draw all the way. Remarkably we beat them 4-2 a Macierzynski brace as well as goals from Kedziora and Zielinski. I never dreamed we would get to the final. Could we go all the way and lift the trophy? Final In front of us and the trophy was a ridiculously good France team. They won 2-1 but that really flattered us to be honest. Nonetheless I was chuffed we got this far. Review All in all, feel a bit gutted I am still without a trophy but I've built my reputation to 65% in 4 seasons which I'm pretty happy with. After Euro 2020, Spain and Italy sacked their managers and Lewandowski retired from international football. I've therefore resigned from Poland hoping to land either of them two jobs. I'm also applying for jobs in the hope of jumping out of Norwich. They've given me £40 million to spend and that isn't going to get me near the big clubs. I want to move somewhere I can start ticking off some trophies. I now feel I have the reputation to land a decent job so hopefully I will have 2 new jobs soon. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17| Stevenage |10th | Took over with 24 games left in 19th position 2017/18| Stevanage |1st | Left for Norwich job after 35 games 2017/18| Norwich |18th | Relegated 2018/19| Norwich |1st | CHAMPIONS! 2019/20| Norwich |4th | Qualified for Champions League International ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Euro 2020 | Poland | Runners up
  14. 2018/19 Season So after the miracle of getting the Norwich job while at Stevenage last season, I got them relegated from the Premier League with only a few games to go. Therefore the objective was getting straight back up from the Championship. I'll firstly say that following the 2018 World Cup I got the Poland job. I've done alright there this season but only 2 games into the Euro 2020 qualifying round so not going to bang on too much about my progress with Poland. Back to Norwich...... 2018/19 Season - Championship - Norwich City I will start by saying I completely revamped the squad. The squad was pretty unbalanced with a lot of aging players on high wages and to be honest just a huge squad. I literally kept 2 players from the previous season, Louis Thompson and James Maddison. I sold £88 million worth of players and spend £45.5 million as well as slashing the wage bill by £450k a week. Something I like doing on Football Manager is being a bit of a Harry Redknapp-esque Wheeler Dealer (largely because the money in football at the moment is truly disturbing). My signing of the season was Adryan, at £3.1 million from Hangzhou, he got me 20 goals and 8 assists in 43 games, pretty good return for attacking midfielder. Also worth a mention was Silvan Widmer from Granada, I signed the right back for £4.2 million and he ended up with 6 goals, 4 assists from 26 games (Injury kept the appearances a little lower) and an average rating of 7.39. Now I have to fend off AC Milan who are after him. League I smashed the league to be honest, we finished 1st place with 92 points, 15 points clear of play off's. It was a slow start however I think with all the revamp of the squad once it came together we were a force. League Cup This was truly gutting. I got to the semi finals and drew Arsenal. It was quite an incredible 2 legged affair. We won the 1st leg at the Emirates 5-1. However lost the 2nd leg at Carrow Road 5-0. I was absolutely gutted and probably a little complacent with such a big lead going into the 2nd leg. We live and learn though. FA Cup Nothing special about the FA Cup this year, I lost 3-1 to West Ham in the 5th round. Next season in the Premier League, I'm not going to make too many changes, I've already signed Chancel Mbemba, Ronaldo Viera and also Lovre Kalinic. Other than maybe a few young players I don't think I'll be signing anyone else. Hopefully after a good start I may get a job offer. Will be hard leaving my beloved Norwich but I don't think I'm going to progress much with the challenge staying here. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17| Stevenage |10th | Took over with 24 games left in 19th position 2017/18| Stevanage |1st | Left for Norwich job after 35 games 2017/18| Norwich |18th | Relegated 2018/19| Norwich |1st | CHAMPIONS!
  15. 2017/2018 Season - League Two - Stevenage I started this season with Stevenage after missing out on the play-off's last season and it was a quite incredible start to the season winning 10 of the first 11 games. I got knocked out of the EFL Cup in the 2nd round but I did get to the 4th round of the FA Cup which bought a bit of money to the club. Along the way I beat League 1 Bradford and AFC Wimbledon and also Championship Cardiff City; unfortunately I was stopped by Premier League Swansea City but a decent achievement for a League 2 club. Things didn't really slow down and was storming the league by a mile. With 35 games gone and top of the league by 11 points and also 14 points clear of automatic promotion my favourite club Norwich came calling. Firstly I was surprisingly linked to the job (despite not being linked to any jobs prior) and of course it's a huge step up, so I applied and remarkably I got the job. 2017/2018 Season - Premier League - Norwich City So obviously I took the job. I took over with the club in 18th place with 27 points, 3 points off 17th place Swansea (AGAIN), 9 games to go. I took 12 points from those 9 games. Which is 1.33 points per game, not too bad for a team in the relegation zone. We beat Chelsea and Man City at home and finished the season with 39 points. Unfortunately it was not enough and finished 2 points off 17th place, it went down to the last game of the season and we lost to Leicester City at home. A fairly good effort, I am disappointed to be relegated but going from Stevenage to Norwich in one season is a massive boost so I can't complain too much. Norwich have some decent players and are not broke so next season I will be confident of bouncing back after a bit of a rebuild. The World Cup will be happening this summer so hopefully I'll kick off my international career from the fallout of the tournament! Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17| Stevenage |10th | Took over with 24 games left in 19th position 2017/18| Stevanage |1st | Left for Norwich job after 35 games 2017/18| Norwich |18th | Relegated
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