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  1. Bolivian league have 14 teams. Táchira would be only the 9th in Bolivian league (13 pts below the 1st). La Guaira and others fighting for the last places. This gap seems unrealist. The results of both are very similar in Copa Libertadores last years. 1 - Bolívar Bolivia 117,1 2- The Strongest Bolivia 113,8 3 - Jorge Wilstermann Bolivia 112,4 4- San José (BOL) Bolivia 111,8 5 - Royal Pari Bolivia 110,5 6 - Oriente Petrolero Bolivia 108,6 7- Nacional Potosí Bolivia 104,8 8 - Always Ready Bolivia 104,8 9- Sport Boys Warnes Bolivia 103,6 10 - Blooming Bolivia 102,5 11- Real Potosí Bolivia 102,0 12 - Guabirá Bolivia 101,9 13 - Aurora Bolivia 98,3 14 - Destroyers Bolivia 96,2 Deportivo Táchira Venezuela 104,1 Deportivo La Guaira Venezuela 99,0 Caracas Venezuela 98,6 Mineros de Guayana Venezuela 97,3 Atlético Venezuela Venezuela 96,8 Deportivo Lara Venezuela 95,6 Estudiantes de Mérida Venezuela 95,3 Zamora F.C. (VEN) Venezuela 94,8
  2. The gap between venezuelans teams and bolivian teams seems very high. The best Venezuelan team in DB would be only the 9th best team in Bolivia. In Copa Libertadores this year La Guaira beat Real Garcilaso from Peru and Caracas beat Delfin from Ecuador in Pré-Libertadores. Despite the Bolivian teams have the altitud like advantage.
  3. I preferred that the feet not to influence the attributes (same knowing that the engine corrected that) but visually it is that most compares the players
  4. thank you, but the one that I didn't like in the game is that the elano is better than the cr7.That that I would like to know if it will be concert
  5. ¿Usted discover porque el problema de los atributos era ocurrir muy demasiado lo es?Si yes le será eso corregir eses gracias
  6. guys,help me please,you discovered why the problem of the attributes was happening quite so is?english is not my firt language
  7. Hawshiels english is not my fort you discovered because the problem of the attributes was happening quite so is? thanks
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