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  1. this update only change the bug of tottenham and the turkey's clubs?
  2. I preferred that the feet not to influence the attributes (same knowing that the engine corrected that) but visually it is that most compares the players
  3. thank you, but the one that I didn't like in the game is that the elano is better than the cr7.That that I would like to know if it will be concert
  4. ¿Usted discover porque el problema de los atributos era ocurrir muy demasiado lo es?Si yes le será eso corregir eses gracias
  5. guys,help me please,you discovered why the problem of the attributes was happening quite so is?english is not my firt language
  6. Hawshiels english is not my fort you discovered because the problem of the attributes was happening quite so is? thanks
  7. not an 8.0.3 , but hopefully SI will re-issue the 8.0.2 patch[2]
  8. I find better you to give up and to wait the fm 2009 because they already spoke that the chance of being corrected is zero, the game is not only perfect for that reason
  9. I particularly liked of they lower the attributes because they were of all, the problem is some players for they be both footed lost atribudos that should not lose the way for me is to wait the fm 2009
  10. sincerely, I would like that to be corrected in spite of knowing that is not an bug. here in that topic the sr miles talks about an update on this week leaves or I am wrong since English is not my fort http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/521102691/m/9102059083 thanks for patiente ,but I love this game
  11. guys, I think I discovered the reason of the attributes of some players high:because the attributes of favorite foot count as CA, or be players kick with both feet lose attributes and the ones that only use a they win.I find should not reduce points of anybody because he knows how to use both feet,but yes for the that plays I creat a fake Elano in editor,and put your foot atributes to 20.now yours atributes are the same the editor.
  12. I only have a question.will the attributes continue like this or not in the next update?thanks
  13. please. the fix will be release?when?somebody can tell me?thanks for all