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  1. Selecting multiple players

    Yeah the thing is i need to delete all players under 20, i usually do this by searching in 1000 sets and the ctrl A method all selecting all and deleting but this isnt working and the other method of dragging is long and quite glitchy as it stop sometimes and doesnt move down.
  2. Selecting multiple players

    thats what i have resorted to doing but it is very long when i am trying to delete 1000 players at a time, is there away to select all the players searched for at the same time?
  3. Selecting multiple players

    When i am attempting to select multiple players at the same time (Ctrl + A) nothing happens. Is there an alternative way around this?
  4. As many of you are aware we are able to import database files created on football manager 2013 on 2014. Now my question is do any of you guys think/or know if this would be possible with 2014 files onto 2015 when it comes? basically i would like to know because i have some ideas for databases for 2015 and if this is possible then i would be able to start it now and get a head start for when football manager 2015 comes out
  5. Im sorry but having played around half a season on the new patch i can safely say this has ruined fm for me. 1. as i stated earlier opposition corners are way too effective 2. my goaly is now unable to make a decent save (at least in highlights) 3. fullbacks still defend way too deep compared to my centrebacks which means they play everyone onside even if i have 'play offsides on' 4. inconjunction to 3 my centre backs go flying forward too press the opposition no matter what settings i have so this leaves a simple 1-2 and with everybody being on side i get cut open 5. even with cross often on both my fullbacks they still refuse to cross or at least to my target man which is set to cross to. The few times they do actually cross they cut it back to my centre mids 6. My team are barely able to make simple passes around the computer ( this honestly shouldnt be tactical when this is a basic fundamental part of football and playing with world class players shouldnt really be an issue 7. my players never seem to want to cut it back in a 2-1 situation for a simple tap in (this has been an issue for me since lord only knows when on fm) For the negatives i will say this the update has improved a few things 1.my strikers can now score 1-1s which for the whole of 14.1.4 i never scored a single 1-1 2. no more stupid Sol Campbell like slides across the pitch to block shots 3. well 1 and 2 were the only ones i can think off on a side note as a whole i am completely dissatisfied with this product and sadly there is no way on earth i am able to get a refund which i personally think is a joke tbh
  6. as stated by others corners especially for the computer are way too op, every corner get hit right under my cross inswing and outswing and each and every one scare the living crap out of my defenders. Also when they do actually clear the corners the clearances are always under cleared and never leave my box
  7. this update seems to have broken my De Gea, he cant seem to make any decent saves. I know before the computer used to have the super counters but know its like they just have super attacks
  8. Use FM13 editor files for FM14

    its just players and teams moved up and down division, basically its a database of the 07-08 season i did for me and my friends. I have tried it in the editor and everything seems ok some players such as bale and neymar are still at madrid and barce but are in the edited way as of the database
  9. Use FM13 editor files for FM14

    if i was to use a database file from 13 say of somebody who did a database of a season in the past would it work?
  10. Mass editing

    Thanks for the advice gonna try it now, as for the edit tab sadly its only for editing loans bans and injuries
  11. Mass editing

    In previous football manager editors you was able to select more than one player at a time to say for instance delete by pressing Ctrl+A but for some reason this year it isnt working for me, any advice on how i can do this because i want to delete every player under 24 and this would certainly take some time if i have to do it individually. Thank you in advance for any advice given.
  12. Everytime me and two of my friends play fm together one of them keeps getting kicked from the game every time it processes. Usually he is ok when it goes to the actual games however that seems to be a problem now and keeps getting kicked when he submits his team. Now when he does get kicked my other friend is ok and stays in the game like normal. These two friends also have a save with each other and the same friend doesnt get kicked so is there any advice you guys could offer
  13. I've tried to start a network game with a couple of friends and it seems we have come up to a halt everytime we try to start the save I get this error: ' Program:...x86)\steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\fm.exe This application has requested the runtime to terminate it an unusual way. Please contact the application support team for more information. ' Now ive tried deleting the hidden football manager folder but it is still happening i would love some advice on the matter and any information given is greatly appreciated.