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  1. Hi, I'm one of those people who like to load as many leagues and players as possible. So in the past I've been able to load all the leagues in the various megapacks that have existed as well as loading all players from all continents. However with FM21 I'm not able to load any more players than the recommended limit of 125,000. If I load more then I won't be able to load my save directly after saving it for the first time. Has anyone else had this experience, is there something that can be done?
  2. That's what I was thinking but I can't seem to find anybody with that name in the database. I'm guessing someone is trolling but I can't figure out where the name comes from. I can change names of players and staff with the editor but things like doctors and personal assistants are not editable so my personal assistant in one save is called "Shirley lol" :-)
  3. I use a lot of editor files (among them england to level 20 by Dan BHTFC) and I've noticed a lot of staff and players named "lol". The word is used as both first and last name. Has anybody else noticed this? I suspect there's not much to do about it after the game is created so I just thought I'd see if I'm alone with this "problem".
  4. You start with selecting "Add another manager" in the main menu. After that you create a new profile and decide which team you'd like or if you'd like to start unemployed. Once your finished with creating your new manager then changing between different managers in the game depends on what skin you use. I use Flut and it has a specific button right below the continue button which lets me select which manager I'm playing as. Other skins don't have that and then you must do it from the main menu where you select "change manager". Also, when clicking continue the game automatically goes to y
  5. It doesn't seem to work properly in FM20. I always play 4-5 different managers in the same save and after adding the first one you get right into the game even if you choose "Add another manager". Just go to the main menu and click on "Add another manager" from there once you're in the game.
  6. I've subscribed to Sangue Blu's collection of league files on Steam and run all countries except the tiny islands (most of which are from oceania). I tried running with the tiny islands as well but my game kept on crashing when I got to june 1st every second season. I run 7 countries as playable (Sweden, Italy, England, France, Netherlands, Greece, Ivory Coast). All others (with most levels activated) on view only. I also retain all players from all continents (meaning complete database). I have a fairly good computer with 32GB RAM and the game is kind of slow, mostly during tr
  7. I've been asking for this for 10 years I think. To me it seems like such an easy fix. Just make sound files for 5-6 different levels of crowd sizes. I really takes away some of the feeling when 20 people in the stands sound like 10000.
  8. I run all leagues and divisions from riddler's pack (including claassens) with a couple of additional lower league files (England, Italy, France, Sweden, USA etc.) and I retain all players (I think) (645 000) Of course, most of the leagues are on view only, 9 countries are on full simulation. I don't think running all leagues on full simulation would even work. I don't mind the game being slow though but it does seem a fair bit quicker this year than last.
  9. I know many people just turn off the sound (myself included) but I do it because they are so bad. If the game had decent sound I would most certainly use it. I guess it's ok for bigger clubs but in lower leagues it's horrible. The sounds are exactly the same, only on a lower volume. Couldn't there at least be 4-5 levels of crowds with the lowest one being only a few people applauding?
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