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  1. 1) I dont think anyone can give you shopping advice when you are at 2017. since we have no idea where those good young players are playing right now. 2)2nd fomration is really bad.. you have no defence on the wing at all.. since both CR and bale wil not defend.. (even less since they are AML/AMR with attack duty).. if im playng aginast that formation i will just lineup 4-3-3 and focus on wing.. it will blow your team to pieces. 3) first formation is bit better and very unbalanced.. you will have a very disjointed midfield/attack unit.. since all 3 attack duty is given to front 3.. and midfield has no attack duty.. this means often it will play like 3 attackers far away from midfield ... i would drop at least 1 maybe 2 attackers to support.. and hope that helps 4) I think you have too much TI.. Higher tempo with attack mentaltiy is too fast, then you have retain possession its all contridicating each other... Hassle with attack meaning you will have no defence shape at all. hence the leak of goals.. This formation is extremly easy to outplay in Center midfield.. you have 2 people there essesstinaly. against 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.. you will get donimated in mid of the park.. (your front 3 will not drop back bec of their high mentatily and attack duty ) In general the balance of the team is pretty bad, i think you need to read some of the stickie post in this fourm and understand the game a bit better.. You need attack from defence line (at least one WB should be on attack).. how to create a good midfield duo.. (in all honesty, playing only 2 CMs are very rare these days in modern football).. and your forward lines need much better blanace. However i dont think your result is that bad in the end.. maybe all you do need is a better GK.. since you are RM.. i assume you can just buy the best player anyway...
  2. 1) Playing 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow) with direct passing is kind of hard... since you lack width badly and direct passing generally perfer wingers who can run onto ball. (not saying this doesnt work.. just saying it is usually an odd combination) 2) Sweeper or not GK.. doesnt matter too much.. obvious its ideal you have a sweeper GK with high defensive line.. but its not 100% necessary. 3) Playing counter+high line again is bit odd.. ( i think you are using control anyway) 4)I dont really understand how can you play control tatics with direct passing and such poor technical midfield... for me control is more about trying to donimate the game with passing and pressing.. Which i dobut your team does well in both. 5) Look for overlap????? I dont even know what you expect using this shout/.... Look for overlap meaning generally winger will hold on to the ball and Fullback will overlap them from outside... Since you have no ML/MR AML/AMR.. i highly dobut there is anyone to overlap ????? 6)it seems you are fine with beating slightly stronger team, but suffer against weaker team.. This is probabaly due to stronger team will come out and try to attack you, hence your direct passing has high chance of leading to chances.. while the situation reverse itself when you face weaker team.. maybe drop back a bit when playing lower team to lure them out.. otherwise you need an alternative formation with wingers to stretch oppostion. 7) This leads to next problem, no width.. in your current formation only width is provided by Full backs.. However if they do go up and help attack.. you are extremly prone to be countered on the wing.. Speically your team has bad marking and positioning meaning they are terriable at defending crosses... This is something you have to be really worried about. Solution has to be either ask your MC runners to go to the wing to help with width, or as your forwards to run channels and provide width that way... Hope these helps!! again disclaimer, take these at your own risk, they might be ****....
  3. Its more just some infomration.. like i can read the following points. 1) Your team aggression. teamwork. workrate and decisioons are all pretty bad (9th out of 10 teams???) This is really worrying.. it means your team is bad at making decisions.... and work hard to win the game.. also shy from 50/50 balls... 2)Goalkeeper is fine.. a bit bad in kciking and throwing (7th) so this means you probabaly should tell your GK to do short simple pass to defenders... rather than launch attack himself. 3)Defender is pretty good.. only worry is Position.. but you have good tackling and speed in your defenders.. so i would go with high line.. (since marking and position are both bad in your team.. defend deep against all crosses and so on will be risky)... while early tackle and godo pace meaning highline is ideal. 4)Midfield is a huge concern.. your team is pretty much the lowest in the league in all key area.. this is really really worrying.. since midfield is so improtant to the games.. (ok i confess I am a barcelona fan.. i want to donimate midfield all games)... Only way out i see is play direct pass and bypass midfield? I would seriously consider signing some better midfield when you got some chances. 5) pretty average Strikeforce... mostly 6-8th ish.. meaning just simply not that good.. but still better than your midfield. Overall you have a good defence and decent GK.. ok Strike force.. but bad midfield.. so maybe go with counter i feel.. so direct passing bypassing midfield. and since you have good defenders.. they shouldnt concede too much goals.. Without knowing your whole team setup (tatics) and indidivual player.. This is all i can say. Remember these numbers are just average of yoru first team.. so if you have a large first team.. it might be dragged down... Your starting 11 might be much better than rest of team.. in that case.. these numbers should be higher.... Hope these help. Last note: all of the above are my personal view.. it might be complete rubbish and has 0 value.. take them at your own risk.. cheers!
  4. i would probbaly use him as AMC to be honest... As a AM (A) or SS(A). This is because: 1) His speed is not amazing for top level... 15 across the board... I view 15 as pass level for top player.. but not world-beater level.. So i do not think he has the simple speed to beat all defenders on the wing. 2) lack of IF technical ability. He has 14 for dribble.. 12 for finish... 13 first touch and 15 technqiue.. again this is even worse than his Speed attributes... He cant be relied on to dribble pass defenders and score himself... This is simply my view.. 3) His strength.. what is his strength... decent speed (15 across acceleration/stamina/speed/agility) is pretty ok for AMC role... 16 creactivty.. 16 flair... 17 off the ball.. 17 long shot.. this shout to me as a great AM(A).. He can take long shot from middle... he can do defend splitting pass.. and he has enough speed to sprint from behind to beat those slow CBs.. (genreally CBs are much slower than FBs).. He will also find plenty of space in the center of the park because of his great off the ball.. (hell even his position is pretty good so he can chip in a bit for defence) So I would have at least 1 midfield runner behind him to support. like a B2B or CM(S/A)... have at least 1 winger... 1 wingback .. to stretch defence... and one forward in front of him running channel to create passing option for him .. as well as drag defenders away from center area.. so he can make deep run into penalty area himself.. Just look at most teams in the world.. how do you play around one star player.. The general rule of thumb is make them play in the most dangerous area.. this generally means middle of the park.. (Messi converted to F9? anyone? Hazard tried to play in the middle for Belgium this year?? and many other example) However this probably mean you wil have to change to 4-2-3-1 (Denmark/deep).. and I don't know how good is your other AMLs.. Maybe even 4-4-1-1 .. so you have more defence from ML/MR.. All of these are my view only.. please take it with a grain of salt..
  5. Dont really understand the X-D combo for Cbs.. i feel its better to just have 2 Defender ... rather than stopper.. Maybe you want to cover for lack of DMs... (personally i run a 4-3-2-1 myself too).. I dont know if this expose you to throughballs a lot.. just slightly worried. My big concern is your Left flank.. where you have FB(S)->CM(D)->IF(A)... who is providing width on this side???? I just dont think the balance is good here.. if you have CM(D) on this side.. i see no reason why you cant run a FB(A) or even WB(A)/CWB(A)... otherwise i would use a W(A) insteawd of IF(A) But you might lack pentration in the middle. Which is another big problem with your tatics. Your team pretty much has one finisher.. .IF(A) AP(S) is a playmaker.. a FB(A) is not super attacking minded... B2B is pretty average in finishing chances.. he is not attacking as a CM(A).. no matter what you CM is.. you said he will be a playmaker anyway.. And you have DLF up front. So my question is who is your scorer? who is going to keep making runs for your team? So far i only see a IF(A).. and i would argue this is not enough against a good team. I would play CM(A) instead of B2B at least... maybe even more finisher roles... Just my 2 cents.. take it with a grain of salt...
  6. No problem.. yeah i would strongly suggest read the 12 step guide and pairing/combinations thread sticky to this fourm... others are good too.. only thing is mentality ladder.. that arctile is bit more advanced.. and i dont think it is very practical.. its more about theory behind the scene anyway.
  7. So mod / expereinced player cant say some advices are bad? I really don't get this.. and some1 want to bring this whole lanuange thing into this topic is just competely illogical. One guy posted one idea which suppose to win "ALL" match.. And we have a few experienced players saying this will not work .. which anyone with some knowledge in this game knew the OP plan will no way work.... It's like someone walks up to me in the street and say i will give you one notebook which has all the solution you need for your life. and I laugh and say no mate .. this is impossible and im not buying it. What's wrong with that? If you claim to have a super tatics which solve every single match.. (AKA winning all games) Then you better be bloody good!!!
  8. 1) Player roles: This is largely dependent on 2 things, your formation and the players you have. For exmaple a Poacher might be a bad idea in a 4-1-4-1 formation with 4 MCs. This is because this formation naturally lacks support for the lone forward, so in this case, the ST's job should be drop back and link with the midfield, so a DLF or CF (S) might be a much better choice. Therefore even you have the best player for the poacher role, you can't just slot his role into any formation. It might be a good idea to shuffle your formation to allow your best player shine in his best role. For example, I want to play as Barcelona, and I want to make Messi perform. I know his best role is F9.. so what kind of formation i need to make a F9 shine?? 4-1-2-2-1 seems to be a good idea. I can have 2 MC (probably one Runner like CM(A), one playmaker like DLP(S)).. Note I avoid having AP because I want messi to drop back and occupy the space in the AM line. Rather than having the AP(S) move up from MC line to take this space.. 2 Winger i wil run 1 Winger and one IF so Messi has plenty of passing option and support.. I will also have one wing back (on the side of IF) so i have plenty of width to stretch the defence for messi to make the most out of.. So i hope this make some sense.. you want to chose player role based on your formation, but you can always build a formation around some key players (role).. I really wonder if you did read the pairing (stick) in great detail, because it does explain this very well. 2) Player instructions Again this ties back to the kind of players you have and what formation you have. in the end the ulitmate question is what you want to achieve with your tatics. There are multiple ways to apply PI.. Like you said, you use Ronney as F9... so what kind of PI he should have? I would argue nothing is 100% must have, it largely depends on how your team plays around him. Do you want him to dribble more? or shot more? or Cross? I would suggest not using much PI at all since you are a novice at this. Just watch the game and adjust accordingly.. For example if you see your playmaker give away ball too much by playing very risky pass, then it might be a good idea to give him less risky pass. Or you feel like Ronney should shot more, then give him that PI.. I rarely use PI as a must have for any of my player.. The only time when you want PI permenantly is to modify your formation. For example, i play 4-3-2-1 (Xmas tree) with 3 MCs and 2 AMs. therefore I lack width badly. So i give both my FB (stay wider/run wide with the ball). So they can provide width to my team most of time. Hope these help you, but to be honest.... your questions are way too general and what you should do is just get a team together, pick a formation you want to play or you think suit your style. Then adjust according. Keep asking yourself what kind of football you want your team to play... After you come up with a real tatics, and find some results .. we can provide more help!!
  9. I dont really see you need direct passing. maybe run at defence since you want bale/Ronaldo to drive at the oppostion with the ball on counter.. even Di maria from central position (Central Winger) You seriuosly lack firepower up front.. With a such defensive mentatily (counter).. but also a bunch of defensive duty.. its not a good mix i feel. I would run 4-1-4-1.. with a DM on DLP(D) or DM(D).. then 2 CMs will be AP(S)+CM(A).. .. froward will be either AF(A) or CF(S)... Just my view.. i like more runners to drive at oppostion on counter.. you need passing options.. which means runners...
  10. Great job and its awesome to see your success with the team. Keep going with what you are doing.. and keep improving.. Dont treat other people's view as bible no matter who is it from. This is your game and do what you think is right, if it doesnt work,, hey at least you know that thing didnt work .... Just one advice.. consider 'it took taht long to get the team going' maybe its better next season to have even more games in the pre season. I generally have up to even 10 games in pre season.. maybe more.. as much as i needed to get my team to be nearly 100% with my tatics.. Overall congraultion on a great season!!
  11. Personally i dont htink changing a lot in one go is a good idea.. If you are winning and scoring.. why suddenly change? (after all so far 75+ mins your tatics is working right??) I drop my team to more defensive slowly... And i dont use contain unless im desperate (maybe last 5 minutes) It is also a bad idea to use cotain with shorter passing.. just pump ball away.. why do shorter passing and retain.. bec oppostion will be hassling you. consider your leage.. youd ont have the paleyrs who can retain the ball under pressure. So What i would do is slowly lower the tempo of the game first... still play with same mentatily.. but change to lower tempo.. add stick to postion, stay on feet and be more discplined.. maybe drop a bit back as well. st Then after a few more mins i iwll change to defence mentatility... And i keep watching the game to see if they threatening.. if they are creating a lot of chances.. I would try to adjust to that.. maybe drop deeper.. and give more defensive duty to my playeres usually WBs and MCs.. Then i tick on waste time... If i feel i can control the ball. i go with retain and shorter passing (but i dont have play out of defence as im worried about defence loss the ball right in our half) If i feel i cant, i just go direct, run at defence and clear ball to flank.. . You have to judge and adjust.. going straight from somethingf like control/attack -> contain is a hgue chance in mentaitliy that your team probabaly struggle with...
  12. I disagree AI awlays score higher (chance wise).. I had games which I been bombarded by the oppostion (AI) but score on the counter with my few chances. It is the quaility of the chance you are creating, not just the amount... also if your team is getting fustrated (bec they keep donmating but cant score) it is easier for them to miss..or not convert those chances. Regading close off the game. I generally drop to coutner or defence... then also make my team stick to position and stand on feed/be more discpline. So we dont concede stupid freekicks and penalties.. Like people mentioned above, if you are good technical side, lower tempo, retain the ball will help too. Also you might consider sit narrower and drop deeper, if you got good tall CBs to deal with crossses... as you can pack the middle of the park.. and just let them cross .. since you have numbers and height advantage in the penalty area.. that should be ok.
  13. Agree with what Jambo said.. 1) Why is your defensive full back on the side of your supporting IF? and support FB on attacking???? Surely other way around is better balance. 2) Having 1 FB(D)-1 FB(S).. No Wingers and not even a player with PI run wide with ball or Move into channel.. your width is servely limited.. no width meaning no pentration.. no space.. meaning no good chances can be created.. I would use one winger at least and maybe one attacking full back on the other side.. to provide width.. if you are worried about defensive duty of attacking fullback .. having the Defensive MC on his side should be good enough cover. 3) No shield in front of your back 4... You are playing 4-2-3-1 Denmark which lacks a DM already.. then your 2 MCs are BWM(D) and AP(s)... This means no one will hold position and shield your back 4.. without this a througball from middle of the park (usually from oppostioin AMC) will easily cut your defence open... BWM is not a holder.. i would strongly suggest changing him to CM(D) or DLP(D) .. This is evidennt by you leak 14 goals in 6 games? (According to your screenshot.. if i can count...)... Remember when team is not doing well.. always start with addressing defence issue first.. then move on to attack.. It is common knowledge in football league.. A clean sheet worth 2.5 points.... (this is proven by many research/examples/analysis)... Keeping clean sheet is the most important thing.. then you can worry about attack! 4) No one to link back 4 to midfield.. AP(S) move forward.. BWM (D) is too busy chasing peopel and tryign to win ball.. whose job is it to carry the ball from your back 4 to your front 6? epsically you told your team to play short passing .. hence they cant launch long balls... and very slow tempo.. so the back 4 will just take all the time in the world with ball on their feet looiking for some 1 to provide a passing option.. (play out of defence)... then opposition forward will close them down pressure them and win the ball.. straight away counter.. you are screwd... That is why a DLP(D) is seriously needed and an awesome role in a naturally no-DM formation.. bec he can drop deep and bring the ball out.. 5) Jambo mentioned this.. but i will just say AP(S) and Treq are seriously overlapping each other in function and space occupied.. You either nede to change AP(S) to a DLP(S) / B2B(S) / CM(A) which means he wll either drop or provide surging runs (CM(A)).. or change your Treq to like SS(A)-AM(A).. so he can just go forward and support yout TM(S).. Remeber play maker duty on (A) is still a support player... so like Treq(A)/AP(A) all support... 6) This lead us to the next problem. not enough attack duty.. you have 1 IF(A) that's it.. who else is to get on end of things and finish? i would use W(A) and IF(A) and AM(A) .. so all my 3 AMs will run from deep into box and provide a lot of option to score.. you have only 1 option.. 7) Have TM(S) but no crosser/wingers.. and using very short passing.. .this is contridictory and against normal logic.. the whole idea of TM speically on S duty .. is to knockdown long balls and shield the ball bringing others into play.. why use Target men when you play very short passing/slow tempo? Plus TM(S) is not very mobile.. they are not suppose to be.. they are light towers.. hold position so every can launch balls to him. thats target right? He wouldn't be a very good TM if he keep drifiting... This cause a major space problem for you.. if TM(S) doesnt move.. where is the spaces for your IF???? Change him to a DLF(A) or CF(S) or even AF(A) is much better.. ane make sure he run the channels... so he drag CB out of position for your IF to run in... 8) Much lower tempo and high line doesnt work that well. but this is a minor problem compare to the others i mentioned.. 9) From 12 steps guide. you have 4 speciliast .. should be Rigid at least.. again thats a minor problem.. Hope these helps
  14. I dont want to argue in this.. but all i want to say is . when multiple people are pissed off .. then its not really their fault.. Like if Person X doesnt like my cooking. .i can say he has bad tatse.. when X Y A B C all doesnt like it.. then i'm start to wondering if i did something wrong.. Like when you said "i assumed you were basing it on your game experience", you do realize this is 100% impossible. as no one has the same team as you playing the same style 100%. So same to what i said before.. we are all tryign to give you hints based on what you tell us.. even cleon or anyone.. thats why they ask for as much information as possible.. In the end if you want to use your knowledge of your own game to shut down everyone.. then yeah you probably goign to successed by simplying having more information. No one said anyone who asked for help is clueless. quite the oppsoite most of time people have a clue and want to improve thats why they ask right? But it also does mean ditch the belief what you are doing is correct.. because why you need help then? some part of yoru tatics surely is not working very well... Like the whole point of the LB with 6.5 rating. clearly he is not doing well.. is this because of tatics or the quialty of the player? I would say both.. I think we all learnt something from this thread..
  15. I agree slider is un-realistic.. and this is the 'better' approach.. but a lot more information needs to be provided. both on field feedback.. .Like i dont want to just apply direct passing when my assitants tells me then win games.. but a lot more is needed... And off field (purely when we are on tatics creator)... we need to understand what does each option do and better... It might be fine for you or cleon or anyone who is willing to analzye your play and watch full game every now and then (if not more) but I am seriously dobuting this is good for the more casual base fan out there and a lot of fans who do not have a huge amount of tatical knowledge in football.. FM is already a very niche game.. i dont think narrowing it down even further is a good idea... after all a game can be only sucessful as it is more popular.. So i hope SI can find a better balance.. both by keeping this 'simplistic/realstic' style of tatics .. but also provide user with enough easy to read and understand feedback.. Like i would love to see my assistant telling me X player has no one pass to and is isolted from the team.. or Y player is passing through ball to our left wing a lot we need to man mark him out of the game or drop deeper... I know current assitant do this to some extend and we have all the data in analysis tool bar.. but again i come back to this FM need to lower the cruve.. I mean facts doesnt lie.. a huge amount of old fm12/13 players are struggling on FM14.. maaybe they will be fine after spending 200 hours wathciing full game and keep trying to understand the game. But in all honesty.. i cant be bothered doing that.. and i doubut a lot of players will.. If you want to say FM is not hte game for these people then fine... but I will be seriously worried about future of this game then... We are in a such fast paced world already.. people have less patience..
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