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  1. it has a Integrated (Intel® HD 3000 Graphics with up to 1274MB Shared Memory) graphics card.. would that work on high on fm?
  2. hey all! i had a bit of an accident the other day which unfortunately took the life of my laptop !! its taken all my music and uni work i have worked tirelessly to collect, (i had back up of the uni work so no biggy) but most upsettingly it took my fm games anywho i have around £450-£500 to replace it, ive had a bit of a snoop around and this is the best i can find http://www.tesco.com/direct/acer-5750-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-500gb-156-display-red/215-3072.prd core i5 8gb 500gb i thought the high ram seemed pretty good value, and i feel 500gb hard drive will be ok as i have an external hd for bulky stuff what i need to know is there any other specs i should look at? will this run the game well? are there any better alternatives within my budget?? many thanks