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  1. Signed him on loan from Oldham for Gateshead in the Skrill Premier League towards the end of the season, as AMR he played 8 scored 4 with 3 assists. I won promotion to Sky Bet League 2 so got him on a season long loan (dont need to pay any fees or pay any wages). So far he has played 7 scored 5 with 3 assists. He scores some cracking goals as well. http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/3983/l9l1.png http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/1851/vnry.png
  2. Name: Mattia Perin Age: 20 Nationality: Italian Club:Genoa Position: GK Value: £1m Work Permit Needed?: N/A I got him for £600k in my second season with Everton. Very good as a second keeper to start with.
  3. Also managed to get Andre Ayew on the cheap brilliant in the AP role. Cheers for the tactic..
  4. 1st season with this tactic I finished 2nd with Everton and won the FA cup. Following season Im 2nd in the league, through to quarter finals of Champions League, got beat in Carling cup final (I think my squad is a little small). I usually prefer to play wingers but this tactic is very good and Baines has been top assist for me. 2nd season I signed Negredo from Citeh on the cheap, 28 goals in all comp as poacher as it stands.
  5. The job interview when you apply for jobs is a nice little touch.
  6. "The colour settings for each skin are now controlled by the <SKIN_NAME> settings.xml file located inside the settings folder. The colour settings for each skin are controlled by the <SKIN_NAME> settings.xml file located inside the settings folder. For the Base 2012 skin this is the ‘\base2012\settings\base2012 settings.xml’ file For the base skins I have copied in the relevant coding for you to change the various colours used by the skin – you just need to open the <SKIN_NAME> settings.xml file and locate the relevant line for the colour setting you wish to change – the colour names and comments should explain what the majority of the colours control. The colours are declared in RGB values, that range from 0-255 where Red=255 Green=255 Blue=255 is white and Red=0 Green=0 Blue=0 is black. To locate the RGB value of a colour you want to use you can either use a image editing program to obtain the RGB Value of the colour or type rgb values into google and it will bring up several websites that list the RGB Values for various colours. You can also use the new ingame colour chooser to change the some colours, however for this to function you need to ensure you have turned on the skin cache." http://www.fmscout.com/q-3636-how-do-i-change-font-colour.html Theres a guide, but I just used the font settings from a skin I liked. As it says above its located in the "Settings" folder in the skin file ie "steklo_x3 settings XML" So either edit that or put in font settings from a different skin and remove that one.
  7. Excellent skin although I did change the background and fonts. http://i50.tinypic.com/2q8y0bo.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/353709x.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/2mmy05h.jpg
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