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  1. I don't know why, but this made me laugh
  2. After this, I think we need a funny goal thread
  3. haha wow amazing!
  4. Try a fc basel game in Switzerland. its pretty easy to do well in the league, but hard to get far in any of the european competitions
  5. okay thats a good idea, i have been buying some youngsters and ive been getting a decent player or two from my youth squad every year, so my youth is doing pretty good. Im picking up a good 20 year old striker for about 10 million since Leidson is around 34 and not scoring
  6. In my past 3 seasons as Plymouth Ive been buying cheap and selling high, i've gotten promoted and made a good amount of money for the club. I'm currently in 15th in the prem. in November and have 25 million left in transfers. Should i spend big and buy some good players and hope for mid table? or save and hope to not get relegated and spend next year?
  7. i think park ji sung deserves an upgrade, he always plays his heart out and usually plays big games.