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  1. I opened a thread about the same issue : SI hasn't answered yet !
  2. Is this a bug ? I've won trophies but yet the board isn't that delighted with club stature ! 44% despite having won 5 German Cups, 3 Bundesliga titles, 2 Champions League, 1 World Championship Clubs and also 1 European Supercup, ...
  3. Bow down the the AI : Never ever criticize the AI : AI wathever he's doing he's the best ! I love your defeats, I love you red cards, I love your injuries ! Yup you are the best AI : I have to tell you how bad I am and how superb you are ! LONG LIVE THE AI ! I love you AI ! Worship like me the AI !
  4. freaking AI : you will find all the way to win and when a team is doing to good : you'll give them red cards and injuries ! And of course : when you think it's about to get in action when in fact you don't score goal : the same **** all over again : 50% of your shots are GOALS ! Yet the Human team with not that bad finishers have at best 1 ! I'm in a season when the red cards are the trend but none against the AI ! RIgging in my thing, RIgging to be the best ! AI YOU ARE A CHEATER
  5. I accept to lose when I've been **** ; not when the AI has has 100% Convertion
  6. Do you realy know that I will accept AI CHEAT ? The orther thing ? NEVER : I'M THE AI !
  7. Another AI Cheat : 2 on target 2 goals : and even I've not that bad strikers : I REFUSE TO BE BEATEN : AI COWARD l THe only case I've bee winning ; it's the AI again cheating : If I'm dominated : Get loses ! Wtih AI : If I'm dominated : I'll give myself a win RB Leipzig - VfL Wolfsburg.pkm
  8. He will be at best a backup for your team
  9. The only thing I'll have to do is changing maybe some things at my tactic but I've been playing CM/FM since 1994. My best remains the 01/02...
  10. 1st goal, 2nd goal, 3rd goal, 4th : I don't have too make it too obvious that I'm rigging results for myself : AI's mindset. That's how I see things
  11. lol ! 16 on target just 1 goal ! The magnificent AI : 4 on target 3 goals ! Sums pretty much the defeats i often get ! Pretty normal that I lose my nerves so much 1. FC Köln - VfL Wolfsburg.pkm
  12. Forgot that this bought WC will be in November-December : it's going to be a mess ! Godness
  13. No competition in November nor December but after winter break a match each 3 days ???? Champions League groups ending in Januari ???
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