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  1. I have noticed that this happends more often if cross from byline is ticked, resulting in huge ammount of corners when ticked. I had to change my AML/R wingers on attack duty be AML/R on support instead with higher up the pitch ticked off instead. Works a bit better. I think passing directness and tempo chosen affects this issue.
  2. I have trouble getting tutor for Luke Shaw. I´m on my second save, and neither on this and my previous I´ve been able to tutor him. Tried to buy Loric Cana on my second save to make him tutor Luke, but he refuses. All he say is "i don´t wanna work with Luke". Any tricks to make it happen?
  3. The text bellow the star is more accurate description of their PA and CA. When you have a really good team, then even a 2,5 star could be a leading star in EPL.
  4. Are into season 3 now and even tho Shaw started with so bad stats, he is turning into a really good LB. 15 pace and acc, 15 stam, 17 det, 14 crossing, 15 dribling and 15 tech. So with abit focus on he's defensive stats he can turn out as one of the better LB's.
  5. Shaw started out with terrible stats for me, so to rely on him and Fox seemed like a suicide. Normally I would borrow a LB but when I checked Masilela out he proved to be better then Fox and a ok tutor (15 det).
  6. Only one of those I have managed to perform have been Yoshida, even tho he's stats are far weaker then the others. I ended up buying Stefan Strandberg for the first team and Dória for the future. Dória have a small minimum release clause, but due to he's age you won't get him before new years. Another youngster you can get quite cheaply is Adryan, also with a small minimum release clause. He is a very promising AM, good enough to step in for Ramirez now and then. In the LB department i tried out Masilela this save, and performed quite well for me. You get him very very cheap, and good enough for a few seasons.
  7. Playing as Southampton, after a disaster of a first half season it went well in second half. Second season have been above expectation and are on 3th place after 27 matches. The enjoyment are a bit less after latest patch tho, due to less chances. Hoping it's something being looked on so it can be adjusted abit.
  8. I think the determination of the demand attacking style football are harder to meet after the latest patch.
  9. Here are the average shots pr game so far by ea. team in EPL: Arsenal 13,42 Aston Villa 9,75 Chelsea 12,17 Everton 16,33 Fulham 12 Liverpool 14,58 Manchester City 15,83 Manchester United 13,7 Newcastle 10,42 Norwich 10,08 QPR 11,5 Reading 8,82 Southampton 10,17 Stoke 8,08 Sunderland 6,82 Swansea 11,5 Tottenham 14,25 WBA 10,92 West Ham 10,42 Wigan 10,42 You can see more stats at premierleague.com The feeling I have is that the stats from ingame are not far away.
  10. Cork do wonders for me as DMC, got he's teamwork to 18 and work rate to 19.
  11. I forgot to mention, that I have not seen any increase in injuries, but I always keep my players fit and rotate players less then 95% on the matchday. During the match I look on the fatigue, and considers substitutes of the first ones that gets close to 80%. If someone gets a knock I check the fatigue, if it drops low I take them off, and if not I monitor them trough the game.
  12. I really like this update. Started with the same tactic I used in the previous ME that made me win 4 EPL titles in a row, and I did not stand a chance with it. The bigger flaws in my tactic got more visible in this ME, after fixing the flaws things are going as expected now. Still have some tweaks to do on my tactics, but like the challenge. Nice to see that the 30 passes Barcelona build up every team had in the last ME are now gone
  13. If you are playing the normal game and not the FMC, then in your tactics screen there is a bar bellow the drop down menu where you pick saved or pre-made tactics. Have your mouse on the bar and more bars will show.
  14. It's only those two, with the Mentality being the worst. I don't change mentality during matches, now and then when I'm having a good result against better teams I use the shout "retain possession". I don't have a loos in familiarity, just took forever to get those two up. I'll try with a few more tactics trainings in next pre-season see if it speeds those two up.
  15. I started a new game after the patch and I'm now into 30th January and played 25 games in EPL and still not maxed out the Mentality in the Tactic Familiarity Levels. I also used very long time to max out the passing style. All the others were at max after a few games. I'm wondering if anyone are aware what of the options in the General Training or Match Training speeds up this process, so I can learn faster in the pre-season.
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