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  1. Somehow this is the thing I'm the happiest about... I always liked the idea of the waiver draft and I especially like how it can work as a makeshift expansion draft. But just in general it looks great!
  2. Don't have a save before the fantasy draft, can't even make one as it crashes as soon as the fantasy draft setup screen tries to load and thus before I even have an opportunity to save. I do have one shortly before the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs though. And since you already fixed the fantasy draft issue I'm guessing that's the one you actually wanted. Anyway, I uploaded it to the fm/game-save folder under the name EHM48teams.sav. Just simulate until a team wins the cup and it should crash immediately.
  3. Thanks for looking into it! Also, as a follow up to the last problem, I did a simulation of a 48 team season while skipping the fantasy draft and it worked fine until the Stanley Cup final concluded and then immediately crashed. My guess is that it crashes when trying to allocate draft spots for the entry draft and therefore I'm guessing the problem is related to the fantasy draft problem.
  4. Very fringe "bug" and probably not something 99.999% of players will ever have to worry about but I created an NHL with 48 teams and I wanna start it with a fantasy draft but every time I try it crashes when trying to display the fantasy draft screen, most likely cause the GUI doesn't know where to put team 41-48 and freaks out. Also tried it with 40 and 41 one teams for bug tracking purposes and that's where the cutoff is.
  5. Not sure what to call it, but basically whenever I click continue in my current game it just crashes straight away. Complete hard lock crash for no discernible reason really. Apparently the game really doesn't want me to play the Panthers. Uploading save file as: djungelurban-hard-lock-crash.sav
  6. Whenever you send a scout to take a look at a specific player, the resulting star rating doesn't show on the draft screen when selecting scout report, only star ratings that are gotten through assignments show.
  7. One decimal game player ratings as it is in FM would be kinda neat too.
  8. An old quirk in the old game was that sometimes doing edits to the database could inexplicably somehow cause the computer to not know how to use waivers anymore. And it seems that old bug remains in EHM:EA. Cause when using the latest start of season database from TBL, the computer is no longer claiming players from waivers. I've simulated seasons without a single waiver pickup and I just tried putting Sidney Crosby on there, but was met with nothing but disinterested looks and sighs. That can't be right. Sure, this bug is being triggered by a third-party database being used, but it seems strange that anything done in a pre-game database should be able to break a core game function like this, so there should be something that you guys can do about it...
  9. It's a small detail but personally I'd like a stat for goal/points per 60 minutes of ice time. Just seems like it would be a simple and effective stat to evaluate the offensive performance of a player.
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